My Dating Point System (Pt. 2)


As I’ve written about before, when I date someone new I have a very unique way of figuring out how much I like them. Because feelings can be fickle, I have a “points system” which is a more objective way to keep track of how compatible I am with a man. When I say I have a “point system” I mean that there are certain things that contribute to turning me off when I’m dating a guy. In addition to the things I’ve talked about before, here are some more things that can either give a man points or take them away:

  1. How far in advance they ask me out: I don’t need a months’ notice or anything but the sooner a man asks me out, the better. Don’t ask me Friday for a date on Saturday; that’s just not going to work. My weekends can fill up very quickly so if you don’t get ahead of the game you will get pushed to the following week.
  2. Frequency of dates: A second date always follows the first date (of course). But how quickly and how often you ask me out is what will cause you to gain or lose points with me. In the beginning we should be going out quite a bit. It’s too soon for “residential dating“, so going out regularly is what gets you points.
  3. Level of conversation: What kind of questions does a man ask to get to know me? Conversation is all good, but it’s the level of conversation that gets you points. I have a friend who has a three question rule – he thinks that if he asks a woman three questions & she doesn’t ask him anything in return she’s not that interested. This is because a conversation should never be one-sided. So if it seems like he’s doing all the asking, then she’s either not interested or not that that smart. Either way, the level of conversation will cause you to win or lose points with me.
  4. Does he come to me?: I live in Los Angeles where we have over 20 different highways, covers more than 4,000 square miles and can take up to two hours just to drive 12 miles (I’m not kidding). Because of this I don’t typically have a problem meeting a guy halfway for a date. That way neither one of us has to spend too much on gas or time just to hang out for the 1st time. However, if a man is willing to come all the way to where I am, he definitely wins points in my book.
  5. Is he affectionate?: I love an affectionate man. Not so much on the first date, but I do like to know that a man is into me. Most women enjoy physical touch, nothing inappropriate of course, but an affectionate man will certainly win points in my book!


Ladies, what can a man do to “earn points” with you?!

Men, what kind of things do you do to gain “points” when you take a woman out?!

3 thoughts on “My Dating Point System (Pt. 2)

  1. You have a very interesting blog
    The concept is very visible and unique

    I would love to hear your opinion on some of my posts since Im a newbie and could use some advice❤️

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