Stupid Things Husbands Think About Their Wives (And My Responses To Them)

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Huffington Post ran an article where men shared their biggest complaints about marriage. After I read all 15 complaints I thought about how short-sided these husbands were that they would have a problem with some of the simplest things. I thought I would share not only what these men said but also my responses to them –

I hate when my wife pays more attention to the kids than meDuh! Your wife is more than just that, she’s got other responsibilities & other people who need her. Instead of complaining about your own kids actually needing attention, why don’t you spend more time with them so your wife doesn’t have to?

It really annoys me when my wife teases me before bed but doesn’t follow through with itMen are the biggest teases of all. Isn’t that what they do when they want that “one thing” from a woman? They like the chase but don’t want to follow thru with what women really want, which is a relationship. Shame on you, men!

I hate it that my wife doesn’t listen to my opinion about raising our children. She’ll take advice from everyone but meMaybe that’s because you know as little about raising children as she does. Especially if you became parents at the same time, then your wife probably wants to talk to some people with actual experience.

When I clean things in the house my wife never acknowledges that I didDo you not live together?! Then clean up; it’s your house too!!

My wife always says “I love you” and then finishes it with something that I do that bothers herWould you rather she just deliver bad news only? At least she softens the blow with some good news; a lot of women don’t even do that much.

My wife never apologizes when she does something hurtfulMaybe she doesn’t know that you consider what she did to be hurtful.

My wife spends $200 a month on coffee and then complains when the bills are tight every monthEveryone has their vices so at least it’s coffee she’s “wasting” money on & not shoes or clothing.

I don’t like it when my wife intrudes on my days off by calling in sick – She wants to spend more time with you. Why is that a problem?

I hate it when my wife wakes me up at 6am to tell me I left the toilet seat up. What the…?Here’s a piece of advice: Put the toilet seat down at night then. Yes, it’s just that simple.

My wife puts the dishes in the dishwasher the wrong waySo take over “dish duty”. Instead of complaining about how she doesn’t do things your way, you can do it yourself. And quite frankly, unless the dishes aren’t coming out clean, what difference does it make?

I hate it when my wife takes random stuff out of the freezer and expects me to cook itBeat her to the punch & take out the stuff you actually want to cook. Take control of your own dinner destiny!

I get annoyed when my wife texts me too much while I’m at work – Tell her to stop then. Or better yet, stop reading/responding. She’ll get the hint.

I love my wife but sex once a month is driving me crazy – Then you need to do something to make her want you more often. Men always complain about less sex, but don’t seem to want to do anything to break that cycle.

I hate when my wife gets mad at me & won’t tell me whySTOP MAKING HER MAD! END OF STORY

My wife always says she wants the truth. If I tell her she’s beautiful & she doesn’t feel beautiful she says I’m lyingThen don’t say anything. This is the safest answer of all.


What do you think of my responses to these whiney men? Holla at me in the comments section below


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