My Car Runs A Whole Lot Better When It’s Clean. Doesn’t Yours?!


I’ve seemed to notice that every time I get my car washed it seems to run a lot smoother than it did when it was dirty. Why is this? Surely it’s all mental or is there some mysterious or even scientific explanation as to why this is? I’m sure there isn’t one but it got me to thinking about other things that seem to improve for no particular reason:

  • I am more likely to go out when my gas tank is full – Have you ever gotten an invitation to go somewhere but before you accepted you stopped to think about whether or not you had any gas in your car? Well, I have! Hanging out with my girlfriends is sometimes dependent on how full my gas tank is. It’s not that I can’t afford to put more gas in my car & I know at some point I’ll have to replace the gas I’ve already used but it’s just that stopping at the gas station is such a hassle. A necessary hassle, but a hassle nonetheless. So if I wanted to meet my friend for a movie, that’s really like making 2 stops instead of 1. Sometimes, I don’t mind especially if I’m already out & about but there are some days when that extra stop at the gas station just isn’t worth it.
  • I smile more when after getting my teeth cleaned – Not that my teeth looked bad before, but there’s just something about getting that bi-annual cleaning that leaves me grinning from ear to ear. It’s like my teeth are suddenly made of silk, and who doesn’t want to show off silk teeth? I always smile a lot harder leaving the dentist than going in to the dentist.
  • There is always more ‘pep in my step’ when I get my hair done – One of the easiest ways to make a woman look even more beautiful than she already is, is for her to get her hair done. I honestly look like a different person when I leave the beauty salon! Even if I have on a cute outfit or am already in a good mood having a beautiful, healthy, shiny, bouncy hairdo can cause me to stand up a little bit straighter and will put a ‘glide in my stride.’
  • I’m more at ease when my kitchen is fully stocked There is nothing more relaxing than coming home to a clean house & a refrigerator full of food, is there? To know that just about any & everything you could possibly want to eat is at your fingertips (and that it’s already paid for) is an awesome notion! For me it’s the perfect setup – I can cook anything I want, or I can just snack on a little bit of everything. It was one of the best things about being a kid; there was always food in the house & all the afterschool snacks I could ever want for and the best sweets after dinner. Now as an adult, I love keeping the kitchen full of treats!


  • I wear more perfume whenever I’m trying a new fragrance – Isn’t it exciting to get new things? Especially when it’s something you like, something that makes you feel good & even more importantly, something that smells good! Well, every time I buy a new bottle of perfume I tend to spray on a little bit more than I normally would. It’s like me saying “Hey world! I smell extra good today and I want you to notice.” Sounds corny, I know, but who wouldn’t want to share a good thing?!

Are there any idiosyncrasies you may have noticed about yourself whenever something good happens to you? I’d like to think I’m not the only weird one out here, so please do share….

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