What Would Happen If…?


Oftentimes, I have a lot of random thoughts in my mind. Thoughts that relate to politics, religion, relationships, parenting, friendships, aging and even death. Grant it, it’s very normal to think about every day topics (like the ones I just mentioned) and that’s exactly why I started this blog. To write about things I think about that aren’t being talked about in mainstream media.

There’s so much to write that I don’t always get a chance to write a full blog. But the “what-if” questions don’t go away. Here are some of the real life issues that have crossed my mind recently. –

  • If I were White, would I care about #BlackLivesMatter?

  • If I were older would I be as politically correct as I have to be now?


Can you relate to any of these?! Which “what if’s” have you thought about?! Please share in the comments section below –


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