What Will Your L.E.G.A.C.Y. Be?


Less than 2 weeks ago I attended a funeral and 1 month before that I attended another. Both young women were exactly that – young – as they were both under 40 years old and died of unforeseen health complications. Neither one of them had chronic health conditions nor were they “sickly”. Both of them woke up in the morning not expecting to die. They were both rushed to the hospital & fortunately had the opportunity to say their final goodbye’s to their loved ones who were by their side. Both funerals were lovely and well attended. The outpouring of love was imminent & it was sad to say goodbye to someone so young.

Over the years I have found that the only good part about going to funerals is that they tend to bring people together, including people who haven’t seen each other in a while & family from all over. We are all able to reflect on the life & legacy of the person we are there to honor but when it’s all said & done, we are left to reflect on our own legacy.

So here I am pondering my own legacy. Who will show up at my funeral? What do people really think of me? Will anybody remember me at all?

As another year unfolds, I’ve decided to take a look at my own legacy & the direction of my life before it’s over. To me, legacy means a lot:

L is for your loved ones. What will they say about you when you’re gone?

E is for everybody else outside of family. What do your friends truly think of you?

G is for God. Did you get right with God before leaving this earth? Before you go to meet your maker (and we all WILL meet Him), it is imperative that you develop a relationship with Him. Your eternal life depends on it.

A is for attitude. Did you have a positive attitude despite whatever trials you’ve gone thru? People will most remember how you treated them and it’s always better to leave people with a high opinion of you because of your positive attitude.

C is for community. Did you do something for the greater good? How much did you try to help out others? What, if anything, was the cause that you hold near & dear?

Y is for you. Did you carry yourself in the highest esteem possible? Taking care of yourself is very important – eating healthy, exercising, laughing, spending time with loves ones & serving God – is the best way to spend your life.

No, we are all not meant to be the President of the United States, own a Fortune 500 company or be a famous superstar. But we will ALL leave a legacy. It’s just up to us to determine what that will be.

What do you think your Legacy will be? Does it align with what you want your Legacy to actually be?


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