To All The People Who Claim They Don’t Like Drama, But Really Do…


Some of you need to stop. Please, just stop it. You act like you don’t like drama. You act like you don’t want to be in the middle of “things”, but you always are. Why is that? I know why. It’s because you want to be.

I have a friend who is single with no children, not really busy outside of work, has no responsibilities, not even so much as a dog. Every time we speak, it seems like he’s in the middle of either family drama or in between two friends going at it. He seems to be annoyed by it all but I believe deep down, he actually enjoys not only hearing all the drama but being in the middle. And why wouldn’t he? He doesn’t have much going on in his own life. Like I said, no kids, no wife, or anything special going on in his world so to be involved in other people’s drama I think gives him a “sense of purpose.”

There’s nothing wrong with this either. Sometimes people thrive off of other people’s drama. How boring would life be if all we did was just focus on our own lives? Things can get pretty mundane without friends or family who have drama.

As for my friend, he always complains that people are such a mess yet he still continues to find himself in the middle of things. I think he actually likes it that way. I don’t know, maybe it makes him feel better than other people? Maybe he feels like because his own personal life is so peaceful compared to others, he actually feels good by “helping” others by getting involved. But from where I see it, his life is pretty bland without the drama of other people. And that may also be why drama-filled folks are attracted to him in the first place.

So be honest folks. It’s OK to admit you like drama. Life would actually be so boring without it. You definitely shouldn’t go around causing drama, but it is OK to engage when necessary. Maybe it is best that the person who doesn’t have a chaotic life gets involved with the drama because that’s the only way a voice of reason can be heard.

Do you preferred to live drama free? Or do you preferred to bring others into your drama?

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