I’m Reminded Every Month That I’m A Woman, I Don’t Need A Special Month To Celebrate

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I almost forgot it was Women’s History Month until my dad texted me earlier today (I still find it amusing that my dad sends text messages). I responded by telling my dad that I don’t celebrate but if it would make him feel any better, I would call my mom (after she’s a woman, right?!). Honestly, I could care less about Women’s History Month & here are a few reasons why –

It’s something I live with every day – Men always open the doors for me, I can’t remember the last time I paid for a movie ticket & not to mention my “special” trips down a certain aisle in the store every month are constant reminders that I don’t need a movement or even a holiday to remind me of something I must deal with on a regular basis. Every time I turn on the television or read the news I’m reminded of the glass ceiling, the fight for women’s reproductive rights or even traditional caretaker/housekeeping duties. Spending thirty-one days out of the year to highlight these issues does nothing to make it better.

“Well you celebrated Black History Month, didn’t you?!” – Yes, yes I did. Both segments of the population have been pivotal in building this great nation and although some people may not be able to understand, it is different. The contributions of women have been underrated but typically acknowledged. Women may have been treated like second class citizens for a brief period in U.S. history but let’s not forget Blacks were considered to be less than whole (remember the three-fifths rule?!). So while I understand the plight of women in this country, I have more of an allegiance to my ethnicity, not my gender.

I’m actually more of an anti-feminist – I’m one of those women who thinks feminism has made things worse for women, not better. Sure, women are progressing academically & maybe even financially but certainly not emotionally or physically (just look at the divorce rate & all the self-objectification going on). I appreciate my right to vote, own property, attend college and have a job but I’m still not a man & don’t want to be considered equal to one.

Compared to other countries, America actually treats its women pretty well – You don’t need to consult a map to know that American women have it pretty good. Is everything perfect in the U.S.? No. Could society treat women a little bit better by extending more equality? Yes. But are things really that bad? No, not at all. There are several, and I do mean several countries around the world that don’t let women work, get an education or even remain single beyond their childhood years. And these are not all third world countries that have these types of restrictions. So what good does it do to push an agenda that benefits such a small percentage of the total population who actually needs to hear it?

Women & men are not supposed to be equal – If Women’s History Month was strictly about celebrating the accomplishments of women I’d be all for it, but it’s not. Over the years it’s morphed into a “I am woman, hear me roar” movement that total detracts from the natural femininity that we were born with. I don’t want to be required to have to fight on the front lines in military combat nor do I ever want to hold a door open for a man so that he can go in front of me. I’m all for being fair, but I am perfectly fine with not being equal. As Aristotle once said, “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.”

At the end of the day, women have always had power – from Cleopatra to Madeleine Albright. Do you really think we need a special month to remind us of that?


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