Ladies, Don’t Ignore Broke Men…..

Have you ever heard the old expression, “It’s just as easy to love a rich guy as it is to love a poor one?” Although most women would probably love to date a rich man, I’m pretty sure many of us have had experience dating a poor one.

Most women just want a man who has a job, a roof over his head (preferably not his mom’s) and is willing to work hard to make a good life for his future family. But what happens when he doesn’t have those things? Living in Los Angeles, I’ve probably encountered just as many men who have it together as those who are still trying to get it together.

I’ve dated wealthy men, and I’ve dated men with just enough to get by. I’ve dated men who are very generous with their funds, and I’ve dated men with zero funds. And dating someone who is broke wasn’t at all what I expected.

Let’s be clear: Being broke is temporary. Being broke means you don’t make a lot of money right now, and you can’t spend a lot of money at the moment. But as crazy as it sounds, here are three reasons why I have dated broke men:

1. They have potential.

Most people who are broke aren’t planning on staying that way. It’s always good to build relationships with people while they’re on the rise.

With that said, I know any man I date who is currently broke is probably working his way to the top of his field. I can’t be worried about his current financial status because I know he’s working to improving it.


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5 thoughts on “Ladies, Don’t Ignore Broke Men…..

  1. Hi Chocolate Vent: Love your blog, but this article, not so much. Simply because people are always telling women –especially black women to lower their standards and to “help a brutha out”. Not adverse to giving broke men a chance, but would these same men be as kind to overlook that sista who isn’t a dime piece at the current moment, but has potential? From my experience the answer is N-O!

    What about the chubby girl with the pretty face and kind heart? Or, the single mom that got duped by a cheater and now finds herself single with several kids? Most men aren’t willing to see “potential”, they want what they want. So, my thought about giving a broke man a chance is based on the same prejudice most men use when looking for a wife/girlfriend. Nope…nope…nope. If she doesn’t fit his vision of marrying Miss America, he keeps it moving without any second thoughts. So, why should I be flexible?

    Just my $.02.

    • Hhhhmmmm….I see your point. I think depending on your age & “rank” in life, it’s okay to date broke guys. If someone just graduated from grad school or law school (like our beloved President) I think it’s fair to date someone who has potential but is currently broke. If you’re dating 40 year old men, then no, it’s not okay.

      There are tons of double-standards as far as men & women are concerned but I think when it comes down to it, it’s all about what you’re willing to put up with. I think a lot of women would rather have a broke man who treats them like a queen than a rich one who disrespects them. Sometimes it’s good to be flexible because you never know how you being in his life may turn things around for him. Maybe men don’t consider the chubby girl or the single mom, but why should we as women turn around & perpetuate the same double standard that we don’t like?

      Unfortunately, the older we get the harder it is to find a “suitable” mate. I’m just proposing that a man’s finances shouldn’t necessarily be as big of a barrier as we’ve always thought it to be.

      Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!

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