Where Is Your Sanctuary?

alone 3

Having your own private sanctuary is essential to having good mental health. No matter how much time you spend there, everyone needs some “quiet time.” Not only is having that personal space important, it’s equally important where that time is spent. Here are some places that people use as their private sanctuary:

The kitchen – There’s nothing like whipping up something great to inspire great thoughts. Whether it’s chopping up potatoes, mixing cake batter or even washing dishes it can be very soothing to be alone & working with my hands. Whether it’s sunny outside or even raining, sometimes staring out of the kitchen window can cause me to get lost in deep thought. Even standing over a hot stove can make me come with ideas I had never thought of before. The kitchen is definitely a good place to think.

The car – Driving alone in the car is one of the few times where you have pure solitude. You’re going somewhere which is all the more reason to think about the future. Where are you going in life? How are you going to get there? When do you plan on getting there? These are all “life” questions I ask myself whenever I drive alone.

The bathroom (don’t worry, this isn’t what you think) – Sometimes while I’m taking a hot shower I can actually get a lot of thinking done. The shower can be a very relaxing place, similar to a sauna, and there is nothing else for me to do but focus on cleaning myself & getting my thoughts together.

Really, your sanctuary can be just about anywhere, as long as it’s yours & yours alone.

Where is your private sanctuary? Is it somewhere in your home or a quiet place that no one knows about? Does anyone know about this place other than you?

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