Why Women Don’t Call Men Back

phone call

Women sometimes wonder why men don’t call us back. Whether it’s after a nice long phone conversation, a good date or even something more, we are shocked & even dismayed not to get a call back from that 1 guy that we were really feelin’. When I have been shafted before (not in a long time though), it did cause me to wonder what I did wrong in order to not get a call back when I thought everything went well.

But as you probably already know, there are plenty of times when the woman doesn’t call the man back. This is usually the case with me. I am quick to “delete” a guy from my phone, that is if I even bothered to save his number in the first place. I usually have a very good reason for doing this, though:

  1. I’m actually busy – It’s amazing how quickly 1 week can roll by. And then 2, and then 3…..there have been periods of my life where I literally have no time to be on the phone. Sure, I can have a quick “hey, what’s up?!” type of conversation. But a real “I wanna get to know you” conversation takes time. And depending on how hectic my life is that week, I may not have the actual time that is needed to invest in a conversation.
  2. You’re not attractive to me – I know, I know, why would I give a guy my number that I wasn’t attracted to? Well, I’m not saying I like charity cases but I think it is important to give a decent guy a chance, even if he’s not the best looking. (I wrote about that here) But after a few phone calls, I remember that this won’t really go anywhere because, well, I know that I’ll only want to talk to you on the phone & probably not so much in person. Sounds harsh, but true
  3. I wasn’t impressed – I can meet a good guy, have a good conversation and even a good time, but that’s just the problem – things were good, not great. Don’t get me wrong, good doesn’t mean wrong but if you don’t stand out to me then I’m just not interested. I don’t want to be with someone who is forgettable; I want someone who is UNFORGETTABLE.
  4. I’m not interested – this may seem fairly obvious, but then again maybe not. I may seem interested (I’m not gonna yawn while you’re talking or anything like that), but it just might be that phone conversation that determines whether or not I’m interested in you. Sorry guys, but sometimes it just happens like that.

Women, have you ever just left a guy hangin’ even if he’s tried calling time & time again? What was your reason? Guys, how many times do you call a woman before you give up?


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