Questions To Ask White People

White ppl

In all my years as an African American in the United States, I’ve encountered some very weird & even unorthodoxed questions by White people. Now I’d like to ask them some questions back:

1) I have a very distinctive name & have always had to correct people when they meet me. But what I don’t understand is why White people find it so hard to pronounce names that are phonetic. For example, why can’t you pronounce names like Quvenzhané or Gabourey but you have no problems pronouncing Galifianakis, or Leguizamo?


2) Why is it so hard to comprehend that everyone doesn’t need to wash their hair every day or even every other day? As an African American woman, I don’t wash my hair nearly as often as ya’ll do. It’s still clean, so what’s the big deal?!

dont wash hair

3) Why are full lips & a bigger behind okay on white women but not on African American women? We invented both!


4) Why do you all like to harp on the fact that there is Black on Black crime but don’t focus on all the White child molesters & rapists there are?


5) How can there be so many White homeless people? Studies indicate that of the entire homeless population, nearly 30% of them are white. While misfortune can strike us all, I just don’t understand how the one segment of the population that has had EVERY advantage in this country can end up on the streets?


6) Why do white people kiss their pets in the mouth? I think that is so gross & I know I’m not the only one. A dog’s saliva can be full of germs as we all know that dogs lick & sniff all kinds of things throughout the day. From dead rodents to their own feces, a dogs tongue tastes everything so why would you want to put your mouth on that?

kising dogs

7) Why do you freak out when people of color are cast to play white fictional characters? There was so much of an uproar when Star Wars came out. How come?


8) How do you define your Whiteness? We’ve all heard of the stereotypes for African Americans, but which stereotypes do you think define who you are?


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