Isn’t Being With A Jerk Better Than Being With No One At All?

jerk 2

How many times have you questioned why you’re dating someone you probably shouldn’t be dating in the first place? I know I have & more than once, at that. Grant it, some men are bigger jerks than others but being a jerk is never a good thing. While no decent woman deserves to date a man who is a jerk all the time, some women really do believe that dating a jerk is better than dating no one at all. And I don’t necessarily disagree with them.

There are times when it’s better to be by yourself, particularly if being with someone else is going to cause you hurt or harm. However, there are other times when it just might be worth the mental anguish to be with someone who is a jerk (I’m not talking about abuse here). Putting up with a jerk may hurt temporarily, but if there is more good than bad then that’s a relationship definitely worth saving. Besides, isn’t the nature of any relationship? There’s always good and bad.

Let’s face it – no relationship is perfect. And some women are even attracted to jerks. But being alone, especially when you don’t want to be is a heavy burden to bear. A lot of people may say that you should learn to be happy on your own but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with finding happiness in being with someone else. I’m not saying a woman’s worth is in a man, but not having a man at all can make a woman feel worthless. Not everyone wants to spend the rest of their life alone, so if it means putting up with some “jerkish” behavior, so be it. Dating someone who is a jerk 25% of the time is better than being alone 100% of the time.

Of course, no one should be with someone that mistreats them but is there anything wrong with having someone who isn’t too much of a jerk? Sound off in the comments section below –

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