Chocolate Vent’s Top Blogs of 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, I thought I would highlight the blogs that were read the most this year (even if they weren’t written this year). These are the blogs that received the most views, clicks & generated the highest amount of comments throughout the year. Click on each title to enjoy! –

  1. Do I Pass The “Pretty Feet” Test? – Men seem to take great interest in women’s feet. How good they look, what color the nail polish is and whether or not a woman has flat feet, bunions, corns or just straight ugly feet. Why is this such a big deal? Since when did nice looking feet become part of the dating criteria? I do take care of my feet, but if a man is that concerned he should be making sure his feet look as good as mine!


2. Single Mother’s Should NOT Be Celebrated on Father’s Day – A mother can never replace a father. Even a good one. Moms, even if you are a single parent let dads have their own day. It’s all they get.


mothers day 1

3. Men With Kids, Need Not Apply: Why I Prefer To Date Men Who Don’t Have Children – Everybody has baggage but I am not interested in a full set of luggage! As a little girl, I dreamt of becoming a wife & a mother, but never the wife of someone’s father or a stepmother. There are so many issues in dating and marrying someone who has children and I know that I am just not cut out for it. So if you are someone’s ‘baby daddy’- keep it movin!


4. Don’t Call Me Skinny Unless It’s Okay To Call You Fat – I hate the word “skinny”. It sounds like a medical condition & should never be used to compliment anyone. Unless I get to call you fat, don’t you dare call me skinny; I’m exactly the weight I’m supposed to be.


5. Why I Don’t Do Coffee Dates– There comes a time in a every lady’s life when she expects to go out on ‘grownup dates’. Men, this means picking her, taking her to a nice dinner, engaging in meaningful conversation and ending the date in a courteous & respectful manner. We could even go bowling, to a show or even a sporting event. Inviting me out for coffee should NEVER be an option. Read the full post to see why I don’t do coffee dates.

coffee dates

6. All Newborn Babies Look Alike (so I don’t need a picture of yours) – I’m not a “baby person” so it’s very rare that I see a baby that I think is actually cute. I’m just so sick of seeing photos of everyone’s babies, so unless I ask you for it PLEASE don’t send me any more baby pics.


7. Yeah Women Don’t Really Cook Anymore, But Men Don’t Do Much Either – I think that men should be men and women should be women, but over the decades the male & female gender roles have gotten blurry. Men, instead of complaining about what women don’t do anymore, you should focus on the things you should be doing.

cook 2

8. Why Do Poor Black People Buy Stuff They Can’t Afford? – Much talk has been around African Americans who seem to “live above their means”. While the economics within the African American community has been the topic of debate for quite some time, in this blog I discuss what I think about people who harbor negative feelings about a group of people who spend their own money how they please.


9. Why I Love Black Men! – African American men are SEXY! They’re good looking, talented and resilient. They come in all colors, complexions, shapes & sizes. No other race has been thru what we’ve been thru & for that I honor Black men.

Black men

10. Am I Wasting My Youth By Not Having Enough Sex? – Sex is a very intimate decision between a man & a woman and should not be made lightly. It’s very easy to come by when you’re younger but as you age, finding someone to “hookup” with becomes more & more difficult. The question then becomes: Should you start sleeping around while you’re still young enough to enjoy it?!

no sex

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