Shake It Off

Paul from the Bible was a courageous man.  He had so much faith in God that he didn’t let anything bother him or shake him up.
The Word of God talks about, in Acts 28, how Paul and his crew just survived a storm in the sea and made it to the island of Melita alive and well.  As he sat with the islanders to eat, a poisonous snake leaped from the fire and grabbed on to Paul’s hand and proceeded to bite the mess out of him.  

Once this happened, the islanders who ate with them looked on Paul and accused him of sinning or doing something terrible in the sight of God, otherwise this snake would not have bitten him.  Surely Paul did something wrong and was cursed.  This snake was so venomous that one bite normally causes a person to drop dead on the spot.
However, what did the Apostle Paul do?  He just shook it off, and the snake immediately let go of his hand.
The islanders were amazed at the fact that Paul didn’t die on the spot.  They figured surely he must be some ‘god’ on the earth and they were ready to make Paul lord over them.  But Paul didn’t pay them no mind, he knew his
faith and he was very much acquainted with the God he served who delivered him.
In the same matter, what have people said about you?  What “haters” have spoken curses over you, and who do you know would just love to see you fall?  
Which ex-boyfriend do you cringe over when you think about him, what girlfriend or “friend girl” betrayed you?
When you’re in the midst of a storm, who just, instead of praying for you and encouraging you, figure you’re just getting what you deserve and can’t wait to see you come to your ruin.
Well no matter who it is, I’d like to advise you to do like Paul and just “shake it off.”
Don’t allow hurtful words from other people, even those you care about and love, deter your faith or cause you
not to walk in love with them.
Shake it off.
Don’t give someone else the power to control your emotions by their words and actions; know who you are in Christ, pray for them (As Jesus prayed, Father forgive them for they know not what they do Luke 23:34) and you keep
being you in spite of the circumstance and in spite of what life throws at you.
Shake off the drama, shake off the distress, and shake off the effects of negativity all around you.
Continue to go forth in the grace of God and in the love of God knowing that God has called you to peace and that He has also called you to victory.
Suggested Scripture reading:  Acts 28:1-6
*Originally published on Kim on the Web.

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