Do I Really Like Him?! Part 3

Recently I wrote about how I can tell if I really like a guy. Although there are a lot of different ways for me to tell (click here to read some of them), I’ve thought of even more:

I cook for him – I don’t cook for just anyone. I cook for myself every week but I don’t often extend my hospitality to someone I’m dating. It’s rare these days that I cook for a man that I’m seeing let alone invite him over for a real home cooked meal prepared especially for him. I thinking cooking for a man is a form of intimacy, and I don’t extend that to just anyone.

Tell my friends less & less about our business – In the beginning of any relationship, most women tend to share every little detail about the new man they’re dating & all the dates they go on. But once I become more serious about someone, I stop sharing specifics because I want to “protect” our relationship.

I get less & less excited about him because we are comfortable around each other – As with anything you’ve had for a while, the novelty will wear off. Yes, I like the “comfortable” stage of any relationship, but I also miss the newness that every new courtship brings.

I actually pay for a date – I still maintain that a man should pay for a date. If a man asks me for my time & is trying to get to know me better then he should bear the financial responsibility of courting me. But, if I like a guy there will come a time that I offer to pay for our date – whether it be something as small as leaving a tip when he picks up the tab for dinner or treating him out to a night on the town – all because I like him enough to do so.

Has what I like in a man shifted BECAUSE I met him or SINCE I met him? – There are certain qualities that I look for in a man and if he doesn’t have them I tend to run in the opposite direction. But as a friend once told me, “You make exceptions for exceptional people”. In other words, if I meet someone of interest who may not be exactly what I’m looking for, I might (and I do mean might) be willing to change my perspective.

What do you think? What are the top 2 things that you’d like to have in someone you’re dating?

In what ways can you tell whether or not you’re really into someone?

Do you think they can tell that you’re into them? How do you know?

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