I’d Like To Think That…..


  • I’m someone’s dream come true….
  • Life will get better even if it doesn’t get easier….
  • Someone will buy whatever I’m selling…..
  • I’ll have the financial freedom to do the things I want to do….
  • My parents will age gracefully & not grossly……
  • My circle of friends will increase, not decrease…..
  • My living is not in vain….
  • Even if all my dreams don’t come true, it won’t stop me from dreaming…..
  • Forgiveness should never be the way……
  • The people that wronged me will not experience revenge but instead a conscience that fills them with enough guilt to do better by the next person….
  • People are innately good. They mean well, even if they don’t do well….
  • Happiness is ahead of me as well as behind me…..
  • I make a difference in someone’s life…..


What are some of your thoughts?!


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