But Solange, Someone’s Kid IS Ugly


Recently, an Instagramer sent a message to Solange Knowles (Beyoncé’s baby sister for those of you who don’t know by now) “insulting” her son’s looks based on a photo she posted over the weekend. (The photo has since been pulled down). Solange countered that people need to “make better decisions in the future” because she “will most likely respond” when someone tries to “spread ugliness.”

Although I’m not a mother, I can understand a parent’s need to protect their children from “mean people”. Who wants to hear about their child being attacked, criticized or condemned for something as trivial as their looks? After all, don’t most kids look like their parents? So any insult to a child’s attractiveness can be considered an indirect attack on their looks as well, right? She rarely posts family photos on social media for this exact reason & when she finally does her only child becomes the target of an insult. I don’t blame Solange for standing up for her baby boy.

But, let’s face it not all children are good looking. It may sound harsh, but it’s a fact – some people’s children are simply unattractive. So while beauty is subjective, everyone certainly is entitled to their opinion. If a celebrity feels so inclined to post pictures of their children on social media than they need to step up & take whatever backlash comes with that. You can’t share things with people, let alone strangers, and expect positive reactions ALL the time. Besides, some kids really are “ugly” (I put that in quotes because again, looks are subjective). All adults have gone thru a “phase” at some point in their childhood. Even I went thru an “ugly” phase during a couple of years in elementary school – it happens. Do parents honestly think that they were cute all the time when they were growing up? I know, I know, if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all. But unless you are insulting the child directly to their face, then people should be allowed to express their opinions freely.

So Solange, chill out. Relax. I know you don’t want people insulting your kid but don’t forget you put it out there in the 1st place. Someone’s kid is ugly & that kid just might be yours.

Read below for the actual messages from Instagram:

Solange Knowles shared an awesome pic of her 11-year-old son dressed as a young LL Cool J for Halloween, and while most followers couldn’t help but gush over Julez‘s costume choice, one wasn’t as nice and called him “ugly” in the comments section.

“So cute but at the same time he ugly,” the user wrote.

Instead of flipping out and releasing a hell-hath-no-fury attitude, Beyoncé‘s sister responded in the classiest way possible. She penned a response that talked about why it’s so problematic when people “spread ugliness” and talked about the special love and attention her son receives at home despite all the judgment.

Solange Knowles, Julez, Instagram Response

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