When Do You Want Your Daughter To Lose Her Virginity?!


You may or may not have heard yet, but there is a young woman in Maryland who presented her father with a “certificate of purity” before she got married in early October. This certificate proves that this 23-year old kept her virginity just as she promised her father she would as a 13 year old child. Photos were posted on Instagram & went viral almost immediately as the newlyweds really emphasized #ValuingVirginity.

Many people have applauded their efforts but there are some who feel like a “virgin certificate” is overboard & medieval. What makes this medieval? Sure, if she were forced to do this, but she wasn’t. I think people who think that are ridiculous. Hearing people criticize this young woman is sickening. What’s so wrong with a daughter wanting her parents to know & have proof that she kept her word?! What’s so wrong with a daughter (or a son for that matter) not having sex until they get married?! When did that become so BAD?!

A lot of people are saying that a “grown woman” shouldn’t have to prove anything to her father, let alone having her father post it on social media. But he’s a proud father, so why shouldn’t he?! I liken that to any parent who posts their child’s college acceptance letter on Facebook for the whole world to see. When you’re proud of your child & their accomplishments it’s only natural to “show off”. So what is the problem with posting a “virgin certificate” online?! (And in case you’re w

During one of their television interviews, the couple had some sound advice on how to remain chaste before marriage:

1) Value yourself – when you truly value yourself, that includes ALL of you – your body, your heart & your mind. Don’t give your body to someone who is not your spouse; instead MAKE THEM honor you (or tell them to get gone).

2) Have a team of supporters – Maintaining virginity takes help. You need people around you encouraging you to do the right thing & to give you ideas when you think you might be close to giving up.

3) What you focus on, will expand – If you focus on getting good grades, you will. When you focus on getting a job, you will. When you focus on saving money, you will. When you focus on saving yourself (especially for the right reasons), you will. Keep your mind focused on saving your body NOT sexing your body.

Hopefully, this moment will turn into a movement and convince teens & young adults everywhere that IT IS OKAY to wait on your wife/husband before giving it up. When it comes to having sex before marriage, people always say “who doesn’t test drive a car before they buy it?”, but I always say, “who wants a used car?!”

Wanna read her story? Click here to read the article about it.



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