Is Every Woman ‘Marriage Minded’?


I think that there is a big misconception that every woman wants to get married. Of course, a large number of women do want marriage, but there isn’t any data stating that number is at 100%.

Personally, there are some days when I want to be married. To have someone to come home to, tell me I’m still beautiful even after I’ve gained a few pounds and especially someone to share my happy & equally sad moments with. It would be lovely to have a spouse when it’s time to buy a house, celebrate my next big birthday or even take a vacation. Quite a few of my friends are married & seem to be enjoying the benefits of having a lifelong partner.

But, there are those times when being single isn’t such a bad thing. You don’t have to worry about someone being all up in your business, possibly being cheated on or dealing with unlikeable in-laws. You don’t have to split your finances, answer to anyone or put anyone else’s needs above your own. Basically, there are lots of reasons to enjoy being single.

According to the US Census Bureau (2014) less than half of all adult Americans are actually married (around 47%). This is a huge difference from 50 years ago when nearly ¾ of all adults were married. There may be many different reasons for this, but it just seems that people don’t want to get married like they used to. We know there are lots of men who shy away from marriage but what about the women? Is every woman ‘marriage minded’?

There are several famous & accomplished women who chose not to get married like billionaire Oprah Winfrey, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Academy Award® winner Diane Keaton. These women focused on their career, created a legacy and are extremely successful.

What exactly does it mean to be marriage-minded? Someone who is marriage-minded is looking for someone they can spend their life with, not just someone they can spend the night with. Instead of focusing on flaws, they look for the good in others and can recognize real marriage potential. Most importantly, they carry themselves as wives and not as girlfriends.

But just because some women are marriage-minded does this mean they all are? Does every woman really want to have a husband & be tied down for life? No, of course not. Of all of the unmarried adults in this country more than half of them are women. Some of these women may want to married (it just hasn’t happened yet) but there is also a share of those women who have no desire to be married. Women who have personal experience with divorce, don’t want to be tied down, aren’t interested in having a family or are more into growing their career. For some there are no real benefits of marriage. And quite simply, not everyone is “the marrying type”.

These are all very legitimate reasons for not wanting to be married. As a society we shouldn’t be so harsh on women who are choosing to do more for them & are not interested in marriage. When you see a woman without a ring on her finger, don’t assume that she wants one. After all, you know what they say “Marriage ain’t for everybody.”


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