Singles Getting It In While Married People Stay Abstinent?

The Apostle Paul gives tips to married people on how they should render to one another due benevolence in the form of sex and how they should only “abstain” from having sex when both married parties consent, but make sure they don’t “abstain” too long so that Satan doesn’t tempt one of them because of his or her lack of self-control, or incontinency.

It’s funny how even the Bible recognizes how for married people the biggest challenge is that they continue to come together as one by having sex on the regular, while for us, singles, the biggest challenge is to not have sex and remain celibate until

In other words, the flesh is a beast! It wants what it wants now and wants the opposite of God’s will.  (Romans 7:18)

But God be thanked because it is He who gives us the strength to walk out His perfect will in our every day lives.

As long as we continue to acknowledge Him about every thing, including our relationships, and as long as we look to Him to keep us while realizing there’s no way we can ever keep ourselves, then He will continue to give us the power to be kept.

So yes, we, as singles, can remain abstinent until marriage – and from henceforth we will while our married brothers and sisters continue to get it on like popcorn (and we won’t hate on ’em either ‘cuz our time is coming real soon 😉

Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy {Jude 24}

As always, Be and STAY Encouraged!  
*Excerpt taken from the Kim Brooks blog

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