So Many Blogs, So Little Time!


When I started this blog a couple of years ago, I had a lot of ideas in my mind about the different things I wanted to write about. Dating, racism, children, friendships, current events, you name it, I wanted to cover it. I have so much to say and where better to express it than on the internet?!

At first I had a few ideas which turned into several ideas, which turned into a lot of ideas, which turned into too many to count. So many that I had to start writing them down. But all those bits & pieces of paper with my ideas written on them were just too hard to keep track of so then I started a file on my PC. And since then, just like that, I went from 1 topic to over 1,000 topics!

I have so many topics that sometimes even I get overwhelmed by it all. When I do finally settle on what it is that I want to write about, it can take me an hour (or longer) to write it up. And one by one I get to cross that topic off my list. It’s not a very “sexy” process, but it works for me.

blog 2

The beauty of blogging for me is that I never know when an idea is going to hit me. I never know when I’ll be inspired to write about a particular subject matter, so sometimes I’m just as surprised as my readers! I might get hit with 4 ideas on what to write about back to back, or I might not get any ideas all week long. I might get hit with inspiration waiting in line at the grocery store or it could come while I’m sitting in church. There really is no telling when I might be inspired.

If you haven’t already noticed, I don’t really like to reblog that much. When I have something to say, I like to put it out there & let it be. There usually isn’t a need to revisit a topic unless it’s trending in the news (again) or by special request. Life happens and while some situations may repeat themselves, there is always, and I do mean always, something new to say.


What say you? Are there any topics that you like to read about more than others? Feel free to share in the comments section below –


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