Top 5 Reasons Why A Woman Should Never Propose


I don’t think a woman should ever propose to a man. EVER. Of course, it does happen but that doesn’t make it right. It is true that men do most of the proposing, mainly out of tradition, but also because it makes the most sense. Just think about it – men need more time to figure things out in the relationship department so when they are finally ready they can propose without any hesitation.

There are many logical reasons why a woman should never be the one to ask a man to marry her. Here are just a few –

Because. – No explanation necessary

Embarrassment – Can you imagine telling all of your family, friends and even co-workers about your big plans to propose to your boyfriend only to be rejected by him? How embarrassing that must be! Grant it, a man could be embarrassed by the rejection as well, but there is something a little less ‘ladylike’ about facing a rejection of that magnitude.

Cost of the ring – Times may be changing, but men do still make more money than women and probably always will. So why should a woman bear the cost of an engagement ring when it doesn’t make financial sense for her? Purchasing a ring, even a wedding band, is a rather large investment and a woman shouldn’t be forced to make that investment until the day of the wedding.

Rejection – Being rejected sucks! And I’m pretty sure men don’t like it any more than we do, but the difference is that they are used to it. Think about it – they get rejected more times than not whenever they ask a woman out, try to get a second date, or even when they attempt to get a woman’s phone number. For some men, that could mean rejection on a daily basis (or at least weekly). Do they like it? No, but it’s something that they are used to & seem to handle a little bit better than women.

If he didn’t ask, he wasn’t ready – This should be quite obvious, but people don’t usually do something until they get good & ready to do it. The difference, though, between men & women when it comes to relationships and marriage is that women are usually ready first. Our nature is to nurture so desiring companionship and wanting to settle down comes natural to us at an earlier stage in life. For men, on the other hand, the desire to “nest” (settle down) is not their first inclination. (There are some guys that want to marry earlier in life, but that’s definitely not the norm) And there is no point in engaging a man with the whole “marriage talk” until he’s ready. If you do it too soon he’ll either reject you or at the very least feel pressured to say yes, which he may end up regretting. Men were born to be the aggressors, so why not let them be what they were created to be? No woman should take away his ability to decide when he’s ready to settle down.

Ladies, what do you think? Would you ever propose to a man? Under what circumstances? Men, how would you feel if your woman proposed to you? Do you know of any woman who has? What’s their story? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below –


11 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why A Woman Should Never Propose

  1. Actually, there are women today that make more money than men, too. These men look at that as a plus. I know of several career-oriented women that are dating men in this category. The flip side is that the women don’t want to be the bread winners if they marry these men. Just some food for thought…

    • Thanks for reading & leaving comments. I have yet to meet any woman who actually wants to be the head of household, regardless of how much money she makes. She may not “mind” that he doesn’t make as much, but no woman PREFERS to be the breadwinner. I’m just sayin’…..

      • You’re right, no woman wants to he the head of the household, but you made the statement in your blog that men make more money than women, when we both know that’s not true in our society today. Yes, there are men that are also intimidated by this, and there are some that are not. I feel like it really depends on the man and where his priorities are in his life…

      • Actually men do make more…check the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s a fact. There are SOME women that make more, but it’s by no means the norm. Even a quick glance at a list of CEO’s will tell you that men make more.

  2. This is probably the most interesting post I have read all day…I doubt I agree with it but nevertheless, it raises some really interesting points. I kind of write a lot about feminism on my blog “writtenloud”…so check it out when you can.

    • I am considerably “old fashioned” when it comes to dating & relationships. While one may not agree with everything I wrote, you can’t argue with the financial aspect. Men make more than women in just about every country on this earth, so financially it’s less advantageous for a woman to purchase an engagement ring. At some point, both parties will need rings but the initial financial investment should definitely come from the man.

      Thanks for reading! =)

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