I Wish I Didn’t Have To Keep My Opinion To Myself!


Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am highly opinionated & usually don’t like to keep my opinions to myself. I am pretty outspoken and tend to have an opinion on just about everything from religion to sports and from politics to children. Even if I’ve never experienced it for myself (like having kids), I still have a lot to say about it. After all, aren’t the real experts the ones on the outside looking in?!

Sometimes I think it’s better for those who haven’t had the experience to state their opinions. Why? Well, because those who are personally involved in the situation (like someone going thru a divorce) may be jaded. They are too entrenched in their situation that their opinion is strictly subjective, whereas someone like me has a more objective opinion.

The problem with being so opinionated is that a lot of people can take my opinions the wrong way. They might be offended, not understand where I’m coming from or even think I’m crazy! Not that I care that much, but I do understand that there is a certain “political correctness” in stating your opinions.

But what if that didn’t exist? What if everyone could really say what they’re thinking or how they feel? Sure, some people might get their feelings hurt but wouldn’t it be a lot better to know exactly where other people are coming from or how others truly feel about you? It’s similar to what a lot of African Americans say – I’d rather know if someone is a racist than for them to pretend not to be (the difference between an overt racist and a covert racist). Wouldn’t it just be better to know where people are coming from even if it means hurting your feelings?

All I’m saying is that sometimes it sucks to have to keep your opinion to yourself. Especially when you think someone may benefit from hearing it.

What say you?! Do you have any outrageous opinions on current events, social issues – anything? Feel free to share in the comments section below –


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