Being Stood Up (it’s for the birds)

stood up

I hate being stood up! Not just on a date but even by a girlfriend who was supposed to meet me somewhere to hang out. It’s one thing to have someone cancel plans at the last second, but it’s another to just not show up at all without any explanation.

If you get stood up, here are some approaches to make it a little easier to deal with the disappointment:

Find out why they stood you up – There might be a legitimate reason why you got stood up. Perhaps a family emergency, their cell phone died or even a car accident could have delayed them. Don’t get too upset until you know what happened.

Let them know how them standing you up made you feel – You have every right to be angry or even disappointed. You may not want to lay on a full-on guilt trip but it’s okay to let people know that they disrespected your time. Don’t keep that bottled in; it’ll only hurt the relationship in the long run.

Determine if you feel they were truly remorseful & if this was a one-time occurrence or not – Some people have zero respect for other people’s time. They are always ‘running late’ or double book themselves and just can’t see they big deal when they don’t call to cancel their plans with you. If this is the type of person you’re dealing with, then they probably aren’t very sorry but if they value your time as much as they value yours then a since apology is in order (from them).

Forgive & move on – As good as it may feel to hold a grudge, you may just have to forgive & forget. Unless it was a once in a lifetime/life-changing event (like getting an award by President Obama at the White House), it’s probably not too big of a deal that they missed you. Things happen & people screw up – forgive & let it go!

What about you? Have you been stood up? How have you handled the situation? What do you do if it happens more than once by the same person? Please share your opinion in the comments section –


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