And Thou Feet Shall Never Be Kissed!

Every so often, I come across men who think more of themselves than they probably should. They figure that just because they are college educated (statistically speaking most men aren’t), don’t have a bunch of children, single & doing okay for themselves financially, their feet deserve to be kissed. Well, I for one, don’t think that any man is to be “worshipped” just cuz he’s ‘got it going on’.

What if I carried myself as if I were ‘all that’?! I’m educated, don’t have any children and am a pretty decent catch but I certainly don’t think any man should worship me for any of those reasons.

The problem with men who have a sense of entitlement is that it affects other aspects of the relationship & can cause conflicts. These men may feel like they don’t need to apologize when they’re wrong or compromise in any way. Why be willing to work hard in a relationship if you feel as if the other person is “lucky” just to be with you? If the person you’re with truly thinks that they could’ve done better than you, then that’s not someone you should be with. No person should ever feel like they’re expendable.

Sometimes these ‘entitled’ men don’t put in the work or the effort it takes to sustain a healthy & loving relationship either. Instead of ‘putting in work’, they may turn the tables on you & make you feel guilty whenever something goes wrong instead of taking responsibility for their own actions. It is one of the worst feelings in the world when one person is made to feel responsible for everything when it’s not entirely their fault.

But why would a man think that his feet should be kissed? Is it because he knows that there are more women than men? Is it because he knows that some women want marriage so badly that they are willing to put up with more just to secure a husband? Or is it because they’ve been led to believe that they really are a good catch & should think especially high of themselves? Whatever the answer may be, no woman likes a man who is full of themselves and doesn’t have any humility whatsoever. Confidence is sexy, but cockiness is not.

Women, have you ever met someone who acted as if they were better than they really were? Men, do you feel like because you have your stuff together that women should be glad just to be with you? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below –

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3 thoughts on “And Thou Feet Shall Never Be Kissed!

  1. I have no clue what men you interact with but that is not my understanding of the world. The number of available women vs. the number of available men is a very difficult figure/ration to discern especially since you have specified both groups want marriage. How did you manage to do that? Seriously, I’d like to know the formula that you used.

    1. Because men tend to think they have the upper hand since there are more women desiring marriage than men (naturally, because there are just more women than there are men anyway)

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