Daddy/Daughter Date Ideas For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching! Unlike Mother’s Day, it’s always hard to find the perfect gift for dads because they tend to not want as much, and just seem less excitable about this day in general.

Aside from getting dad the typical dress shirt, tie, socks or some ugly do-hickey, think about doing something a little more special this year. Here are some ideas:

Go kart racing – There is nothing like Father’s Day to bring out your competitive side! Older generations often like to boast that they are the better drivers, so how fun would it be to “outdrive” your own father (especially if he’s the one who taught you how to drive in the first place). If you win against your own father, you’ll have bragging rights for months to come!

go kart

Rock climbing – Who doesn’t need exercise?! Get dad up & out and spend time getting in shape together. Be healthy together!


Dinner – Dad’s always take delight in spending quality time with their children. It means a lot to them to be able to sit down and enjoy a nice meal and good conversation, especially during Father’s Day season. Whether you prefer to cook for your dad or treat him to a nice restaurant, I’m sure your dad will appreciate it. (Or if you’re like my father who never lets me pay for anything, I appreciate it even more!)


Live theatre – It’s always nice to dress up. Even more so when you’re doing it to spend time with the man who actually raised you. Buy some tickets to take your father to a nice play or to hear some live music. Most “older” men enjoy that kind of thing, not to mention it’s nice to contribute to the arts.


Maybe a trip down memory lane – Whether you make a scrapbook or literally drive your dad around his old neighborhood, let your dad relive some of his old memories. Part of who your father is today is based on who he used to be. Remind him of where he came from & how glad you are that HE is YOUR father! 🙂

memory lane

Do you have any gift ideas for Father’s Day? Is there anything special you’ve done for your dad in the past? I’d love to hear in the comments section below –

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