Help Me Understand – You Get A Championship Ring Even If You Never Play?

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With the NBA finals on television I have been trying to follow the games to the very end. I know that both teams are quite talented, which is how they got to the playoffs in the first place so either team deserves to win. But I do find it odd that even though only 5 basketball players can be on the court at one time, all 15 will receive a ring if they win in the NBA finals.

Not only do the players receive a ring but all members or employees of that team get a ring. This means that aside from the starting lineup, the coaches, management and staff also receive a ring. Even the mascot & cheerleaders of that team are eligible for a ring. You don’t even have to get off the bench or set foot on an actual basketball court to get a championship ring. I…

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4 thoughts on “Help Me Understand – You Get A Championship Ring Even If You Never Play?

  1. I tell you…. you never cease to amaze me. One minute I think you are a thinker..the next moment it seems like the depth of your thinking is quite shallow.

    I’m going to take a guess and say that you probably have some experience working in a professional environment where there are a number of people who contribute to the overall success of a goal.

    Let’s say a marketing team comes up with an great idea to distribute sample products at a highly populated events. However, they have to use entry level workers or interns in order to get the product distributed across the events in the volume they desire and in a timely manner.

    The idea is a slam dunk, people are talking about it and the product debut is a success.

    Should credit be given only to the team of 5-7 people who came up with the idea? In reality that us usually the case, but without the other participants the idea would have remained just an idea.

    For the basketball example you provided, I will simple ask a few questions and see if it provides any insight as to why members of the entire organization are eligible to receive a ring.

    1. Who do the star players practice against daily in order to learn their offensive and defensive plays so that they can be effective against their opponents and earn those wins?

    2. To prepare for games the team has to watch film of their opponents, where does that film come from? Who captures it?

    3. The team has 82 games per year, half of them are on the road. Who coordinates the travel and lodging plans so that they can be ready and rested for that victory?

    4. When fans go to the arena, they are not there just to watch the game (TV offers that), they are there for the experience, T-Shirts tossed in the stand, the kiss cam, the cheer squad, the light shows, the music, the announcers, etc. Would this even be possible without all of the other roles in the organization?

    5. That star player or players that you’re referring to… Who signs their check, who decided to recruit them or sign them to the team?

    6. Who decided to hire the coach?

    There are tons of moving parts to every sports organization that most people never see, if these parts were not in place or these jobs were not done well the success of the team would not be as likely.

    I hope this has provided at least some insight as to why the entire organization gets to indulge in the glory of a championship.

    Come on CV, you’re better than that……Don’t be a blonde!!!

    It’s been a while, I hope you are doing well 😉

    1. Hi 🙂

      Yes, I understand it takes a TEAM to produce a championship but it doesn’t really work that way in the “real world”. Me & my co-workers don’t get an equal % of the CEO’s annual bonus just because the company does well (we should, but we don’t. lol) The janitor at my job doesn’t get anything extra in his paycheck either. Upper management gets their cut, but lower level management doesn’t which is why I don’t understand why the team mascot or the towel boy gets a ring.

      I also find it funny how people don’t say that when it comes to divorce and the wife taking half of what the man made. Like when Michael Jordan got divorced, no one thought Juanita Jordan should’ve got 1/2 of his net worth. But why not? She was his support system & took care of his family and home.

      People just like to pick and choose….

      1. Well the Paycheck vs the Ring comparison is really an apples to oranges comparison and actually introduces a fallacy into your argument. You’re argument about bonuses and such would be more in line with the star players negotiating for a higher contract or “More Money” after the championship which would be like the CEO bonus. The benchwarmers, cheer squad and other members of the organization don’t get to negotiate for higher pay after the championship. So really your argument using Money doesn’t apply well to the situation about the ring.

        The ring in the case of you and your co worker and the janitor would be more like the tote bag that everyone gets that say’s (“Company Name” is #1) after the management executed a plan that resulted in the highest quarterly or annual profit resulting in a CEO and upper management bonus. But the Janitor got his tote bag and so did you and your co worker but you didn’t get more money. So the ring is basically a symbol that says “I was a part of the organization that won”.

        And I really don’t see how you can bring up a divorce settlement in comparison to the ring for a championship sports team or even a corporate CEO bonus. That is so far out in left field it is a totally different argument, I would go as far to say that it is irrelevant to the argument in your original post or even the content in my comment.

        You’re right people do pick and choose, including me and you. Sometimes we are right, sometimes we are wrong but learn from your experiences and life goes on.

        The sun is shining today CV, are you enjoying it?

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