Indoor Boyfriend Versus Outdoor Boyfriend

Chocolate Vent


How many times have you heard somebody say, “If I could combine the personality of one guy with the looks of another and the income of another guy, I’d have the perfect man?” I know I’ve said it a few times about different men that I’ve dated.  Since the perfect man doesn’t exist, I wish that I could just create him using certain characteristics from different men that I’ve dated. Although most men probably think that they’re the total package, I want my future mate tailor made for me.

I like a man that is confident (read: has swag), articulate, educated, informed, intelligent, God-fearing, has a good sense of humor, keeps in shape, can hold a good conversation and has a charismatic personality. Oh, and let’s not forget tall & easy on the eyes! It seems that the men that are sweet, sensitive and caring lack some of the other…

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