Why I Don’t Do Coffee Dates

Chocolate Vent

One of my girlfriends started dating online. I have not quite ventured into online dating yet, but I do support anyone who chooses that path. It really wasn’t her preference either, but hey, what does a single woman have to lose? After all, online dating just gives you more options than you already have, right? Well, one of the first young men she met online asked her out for coffee to which she quickly declined. She & I discussed the whole coffee date “epidemic” and what a tacky choice it is for a first date.

Now there are a lot of people out there who feel like meeting for coffee is a good idea for a 1st date especially if you’ve never met that person face-to-face before. Supposedly, it’s an easy way to determine if there’s enough chemistry to move forward with a second date without fully committing to…

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