Thank You Jesus For Good Friday!

Inspiration Quote of the Day

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable,
but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

Love Quote of the Day:
Love is energy of life.

The Strength Inside
Let love and joy and goodness get through to you. Let all the
rest fall gently away.

Take whatever the world offers and direct it toward what matters.
Be strong, inside, where strength makes all the difference.

You don’t have to be drawn into the negativity of the moment.
You can choose to live at a higher level, not arrogantly but
gratefully and lovingly.

You can choose purpose over pettiness any hour, every hour of
the day. What gets inside and stays inside and grows, is up to you.

Imagine joy, and it is there. Imagine looking at life from a perspective
of love, and you do.

You really can transform difficulty into achievement, anxiety into
peace, conflict into cooperation. Decide to nurture and use the
strength inside, and make it so.
I am one with others in love and peace in a moment of sacred communion.

Communion is the deep spiritual connection of my heart to the
Holy Spirit and to the hearts of those around me. Love and peace
flow between us in a sacred experience. I feel my oneness with God
and my life is deepened and enriched by the people with whom I share

Communion occurs in both simple activities and in joyful celebrations.
Each time I experience communion with others, I feel a deep spiritual
connection well up within me. Our souls are in communion. Love and
peace are the sacred elements of that communion, and Spirit is blessing

In sacred communion with others, I experience a holy moment. I am
united with all beings in Peace and Love.


Judas knew where to find Jesus during this intense period of religious
preparation. It was no secret that Jesus would be with his disciples in
the garden praying together. If we had someone who wanted to betray
us, where would that person tell our enemies to find us? Would they
know where we would go to be in prayer? Interesting questions aren’t
they! Can you imagine a better complement than our enemies knowing
that they could find us in the place of prayer!


Forgive me, Father, for not joining you more faithfully in the precious
time of prayer. I confess that I get busy, distracted, and even
disinterested in my prayer time with you. I am sorry. I am not sure why
I have to approach this blessing as a discipline. I pray for your Spirit
to create a burning in my heart that calls me joyfully to this grace of
prayer. Your presence and concern truly are my sustaining hope.
Thank you for always listening even when I’ve been neglectful,
in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Good Friday

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