How Bad Does Your Sweat Smell?!

Have you noticed that the gym always smells like testosterone, sweat and old rusted metal? Mine certainly does. I wonder why there aren’t Glade plug-ins in every electrical socket or automatic Febreze spritzes throughout the gym. Lysol would go a long way around a bunch of sweaty people.

Along with having a better-smelling gym, it would be great if there were a lot of other improvements at the gym, such as –


Cologne that smells good at the gym – Every fragrance doesn’t go good with sweat. If you’ve been wearing perfume or cologne all day long & then go work out, your body chemistry may be a little “off” at the gym. No one expects you to actually smell good while they are working out, but it would be nice if there was a cologne that actually smelled better with sweat, not worse.


Wearing white – Ladies, white is not your friend at the gym. All that sweat will drench your top exposing everything. And for that matter, men, if you have a lot of body hair, a wet white t-shirt won’t do you any favors either. You’re liable to look like a wet bathmat by the time you finish your workout!

gym white tshirt

Fanny packs – I will allow fanny packs at the gym. Normally, I think they’re ridiculous-looking out in public, however, I understand the utility of having one around your waist while you work out. If you’re like me & don’t use a locker at the gym, fanny packs can be good to hold your keys, chap stick, cell phone & even bottled water. It’ll never get in the way of you bench pressing or doing squats. Not to mention, you won’t lose it or ever have to place it on the floor.


No cussing zone – The gym should be a ‘cuss free’ zone. No one should have to be offended by foul language while they are getting their “fitness on”. Really, there should be no talking at the gym – only grunts and counting reps. I understand that using cuss words is second nature for some but for others the gym is their sanctuary. Who cusses in a sanctuary?!

No cussing

Wipe down your machine – Each machine should beep if it’s not wiped down after every use. Too many germs can accumulate on the handles & knobs of each piece of equipment. Everyone is already sweaty and sweat & dirt just don’t mix. At the end of the day, it’s all about common courtesy. So please exercise some courtesy and wipe down the common equipment. Thanks!

wipe down

What are your thoughts? Anything that your gym is missing? Share in the comments below –

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