Because Of Them We Can!

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Nickelodeon is partnering with the Because of Them, We Can™ initiative to commemorate Black History Month through a campaign launching today across the network’s multiple platforms, including on-air, digital and social. Nickelodeon will air three original 30-second PSAs that feature kids portraying distinguished African Americans, including Maya Angelou, Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X. The PSAs, which were produced by Because of Them, We Can™, will air throughout February and also will be showcased on a dedicated web site ( that provides kids and families with additional information about Black History Month.

“Through this partnership, Nickelodeon is using the power of our screens to amplify a positive message and connect kids to the lessons of the past that underscore the remarkable contributions of African Americans,” said Marva Smalls, Executive Vice President of Public Affairs, Nickelodeon. “The Because of Them, We Can™ campaign encourages a new generation of kids to learn about African-American history in a way that makes them part of the narrative and is relevant to them.”

“We are excited to share these videos through the lens of Nickelodeon, empowering their viewers and hopefully, awakening their potential,” said Eunique Jones Gibson, Founder, Because of Them, We Can™. “Our goal is to connect kids to heroes, past and present, and create a banner of excellence for all people, young and old, to live by.”

Kids can log on to to stream the Because of Them, We Can™-created spots; learn interesting facts about other noteworthy historical and modern day African-American icons; view additional Black History-themed video clips; and get more information about the Because of Them, We Can campaign™. Nickelodeon’s social media channels will also support the initiative with daily tweets of images from the Because of Them, We Can™ initiative via @NickelodeonTV and posts on Nickelodeon’s Facebook page throughout the month.

The Because of Them, We Can™ photo campaign was launched by activist and photographer Eunique Jones Gibson to inspire young people and create images that positively represent African Americans. The initiative has expanded beyond still images to include video content, a book and products designed to empower people of all ages and colors.

About Because Of Them, We Can

Founded in 2013, Because of Them, We Can is a viral photo campaign that aims to build the self-esteem in children by providing them with positive imagery to serve as a constant reminder of their potential. Because of Them, We Can celebrates America’s rich history and promising future through images that refute stereotypes for our children by educating and connecting them to heroes who have paved the way. For more information, please visit


Throughout Black History Month 2015, The White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans and the Because of Them We Can Campaign are collaborating to empower and educate by highlighting important African American figures that have supported the learning and development of African Americans of all ages. Beginning February 1st, we will share images and fun facts or teachable moment designed to encourage learning about the hero of the day as well as sharing that information with loved ones, especially children youth.

Follow the White House Initiative on Education Excellence for African Americans on Twitter,Instagram and Facebook.

The Because of Them We Can campaign was the concept of artist, tech expert and entrepreneur Eunique Jones Gibson. Ms. Gibson has previously been honored for her idea to use images of young people dressed as important historical figures as a teaching and awareness tool when she was named a White House Champion of Change for STEM access & diversity in 2014. The campaign includes images ranging from scientists to community activists; Nobel laureates to cultural icons gracing the pages of her 365-page table book. “I am excited and honored to share the Because of Them, We Can campaign and work with the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans to ensure the images educate and empower” said Eunique Jones Gibson.

“Through the partnership I hope to further the campaign’s mission of building the esteem of both children and adults, while helping them reflect on a living legacy of greatness.”

The inspiring photos are reminders of the many people who served as groundbreaking leaders, but many times aren’t highlighted in history books.

The team at the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans works to make sure people of all ages and backgrounds can connect excellence to the African American community. “The Because of Them We Can Campaign literally connects young Black children to the heroes and sheroes upon whose shoulders they stand,” said David J. Johns, Executive Director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans.


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