Why I Love Black Men!


I love Black men. Don’t get me wrong, they get on my nerves sometimes but I love them nonetheless. Yes, they do have their issues but what race doesn’t? I think in spite of every challenge they face, whether they conquer them or not, Black men are still the most beautiful men on the face of this planet.

1st luv pic

What makes them so special to me is that they are strong. Not just physically, but mentally, emotionally & every other way that you can think of. Just think about what they’ve had to endure – over 400 years (and counting) of physical oppression, including slavery, mass incarcerations & senseless police brutality. Not to mention the mental burden of dealing with all of that generation after generation, can really wear a brotha down.

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Black men know how to endure. I know what the statistics say but as a Black woman living in America, I know those numbers aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Stats can be skewed any type of way. Take for example the “War on Drugs” that took place in the 1980’s & 1990’s in America. Possession of crack would carry the same sentence as possession of a quantity of cocaine that is 100 times larger, which disproportionately affected African American men sending them to jail, tearing them away from their families and giving them a permanent jail record. Does this mean they use drugs more often than any other race? No, it just means that because of the unfair laws that were in place, the stats were skewed to make it seem as if Black men were crack sellers, dope dealers & hardened felons. The media also fails to highlight that Black men are NOT the ones who manufacturer, or supply the majority of the narcotics in this country yet they get busted for selling it, becoming the face of illegal substances. I’m not here to put down other races. But I am here to express why I love Black men despite all of the so-called negative reports.

Black man represent strength & security. Going back to slavery, Black men were purchased based on their physical strength alone and are recruited today athletically based on their physical acumen. There is a reason why police officers use unnecessary brute force against the Black man – because they fear their physical power. Comedians even make jokes about never wanting to fight a Black man because of their strength. And Black men have enough strength to know how to deal with a strong Black woman, like me!

yummy strong

Strength is not just physical; let’s not forget how smart Black men are. Men like Secretary of State Colin Powell, Dr. Charles Drew, President Barack Obama, inventor Lewis Latimer or renowned author Alex Haley. True, other men have invented things and have run businesses BUT none of them have done it with such limited resources.

Black people have only been “equal” for literally less than 50 years now. That’s fewer years than nearly 1/4 of the U.S. population! But we’ve raised up CEO’s, Presidents, astronauts, award winners and even a few billionaires. No other race has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time.


Black men are sexy PERIOD. There isn’t a woman alive today who doesn’t find Idris Elba or Denzel Washington sexy or appealing on some level. There is a reason why other women flock to our men – they have an innate sex appeal. From the lightest to the darkest, Black men are so sexy! We range in complexion, hair type and even eye color so there is nothing not to love about Black men!

yummy 6

As we prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day, I just want to let Black men (and the rest of the world) know how much I love & appreciate them. Thank you God for creating the most beautiful men in the world!

final i luv Black men

P.S. – If you know any of these men, please inbox me. I would love to meet them 🙂

19 thoughts on “Why I Love Black Men!

  1. I’m open to other races…but I gotta admit…there’s something about Black men ❤ (plus I want brown babies! lol)

    And yes, I'm a Black woman (no interracial fetishizing here).

  2. After all that you mentioned about Black men in this blog, they still want other races of women (especially White and Hispanic). We as black women have become obsolete to black men, and you know it!

    1. That’s not totally true. Many of us still love our sistas. Why do people like you spread division? I can’t stand you silly trolls. You’re probably not even black. Please go somewhere with that foolishness! Black love forever!!

      1. That comment was directed to that fool dissing black men. For some reason it appeared under your reply. You can relax. I wasn’t replying to you.

      2. First of all I am a black woman. Secondly I’m not a fool, ASSHOLE! I know what I’m talking about and most black men nowadays don’t want black women. Since you seem to have so much to say, I bet you don’t like black women that much either! With your attitude, I wouldn’t even want to date you! Grow the hell up!

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