20 Things All Men Should Know How To Do


Girls have always been taught certain things. Things like cooking, cleaning and how to color inside the lines. As grown women we learn more about makeup, how to take care of a home and about finding the perfect mate.

But what about the guys? What kind of things were they taught growing up – How to throw a ball, take showers regularly & open doors for girls? What do they know how to do as grown men? Every man is different but there are some things that every man should be able to do. All men should know how to –

  1. Dress for any occasion
  2. Properly plan a date
  3. How to care for a yard – front & back (rake, mow, shovel, etc.)
  4. Genuinely acknowledge a woman’s feelings
  5. Basic home repairs (cabinetry, hang pictures, fix the refrigerator, etc.)
  6. Stop making sex the ultimate goal
  7. All men should know how to pick out a nice dress, shoes and all fashion essentials for a woman (women like nice gifts)
  8. Make decisions that benefit the well-being of the entire family
  9. Cook a romantic meal (even if it’s just 1 dish)
  10. Change a tire
  11. Send flowers to the special women in their lives
  12. Clean the entire house without help
  13. Plan a surprise romantic get a way (women really like surprises)
  14. Be man enough to be open & honest about his feelings
  15. Get their shoes polished consistently
  16. Keep their woman’s gas tank full at all times
  17. Acknowledge when a woman has a new hairstyle or outfit (even if he doesn’t really care for it)
  18. Men should stop defining women by how many sexual partners they’ve had before
  19. Maintain a nice, healthy relationship with his mom (or with the woman who raised him)
  20. Listen

Men, which one of these are you really good at? What areas do you still need work in? Ladies, are there any other areas I missed? Anything else that a man should know how to do? Let me know what you think in the comments section below –

manly 3

5 thoughts on “20 Things All Men Should Know How To Do

    1. Thanks for your thoughts! It’s good to know that list is cliché to you, but I think there were a couple of things that SOME men don’t actually know about – like polishing their shoes regularly, or filling the gas tank in their woman’s car. Some of the men I’ve dated don’t do that sorta thing. =(

      Do you have a similar list for women?

      I’m actually anti-feminism (I’ll write about that next month during so-called “Womens History month”)

      1. These things sounds like a list of what you went through with the sort of men you dated. Please know everybody’s experiences are not the same and I know you don’t expect everybody to follow this list either.

    2. I agree with myatheistlife, surprisingly. And what if a man’s mother causes trouble for you and him? These things happen way more than you think. None of us are perfect, and we are not all going to get along with people, just food for thought…

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