I Love Needles, But I Hate The Doctors! (Pt. 2)

I’ve written about my disdain for the doctors before. Well, my disdain for going to the doctors. There were so many things I don’t like about going to the doctors so I thought I would write a follow up list. Check it out –

The long wait (again) Yes, so in addition to waiting in the waiting room I know am in a separate littler room where I am forced to wait for the all-so powerful Oz, I mean doctor, to come see little old me. Not only am I sitting on a cold, hard slab of a table I’m also half naked or undressed in some capacity. I can’t dare get on my phone because the doctor might come in & I’ll be forced to end that phone call prematurely. I don’t want to touch those filthy magazines they have in the room because a bunch of sick people have already touched them, not to mention they’re not entertaining at all! I don’t want to read about the ear canal, I just want my inner ear infection to go away!


The doctor’s use of ‘fancy’ terms to tell me what’s wrong with me – You went to medical school & I didn’t. I get it. But I want to know what’s wrong with me in laymen’s terms, not in your ‘medical speak’. All that does is cause me to ask you even more questions because I don’t understand what you’re talking about which takes even more of your precious “doctor time”. Use plain English please. Thank you

fancy words

I always feel rushed – There’s never any time to ask questions at the end of my visit. I know doctors have quotas & can’t spend an inordinate amount of time with just 1 patient but I’m still the customer and if I have questions about my health, then darnnit, I should be able to ask all of them (I’ve even so much as offered to take my doctor to lunch so I could grille her during her lunch hour)


I never know how much I’ll owe when I leave – Although I have insurance it’s never quite clear exactly how much my portion of the bill will be. I understand the whole deal with my deductible & co-pay but I still never know how much the actual doctor’s visit costs. All I’m ever told to do is wait to be invoiced but by then it’s too late – the debt has already been accrued. They have a price list at the nail salon, dry cleaners and there are prices of everything at the grocery store. Why can’t they do that technique at the doctor’s office?


They never find anything wrong with me – I know this is a good thing but it just really sucks that I have to set time aside in my day, sit & wait for a doctor, pay a ridiculous amount of money for all of 10 minutes of actual “doctor face-time” only to find out that there was really no need for me to even come in. Again, I’m not complaining about being healthy, I just don’t think I should have to pay to find that out. LOL!


There’s no parting gift – With any other event you attend, there’s usually a party favor, a souvenir booklet, pictures, something. While I don’t need any of that from my doctor’s visit, it would be nice to receive a letter or a note of appreciation for my business. Maybe even a discount off of a future visit, you know like at the car wash – basically, something saying that they appreciate my visit & value me as a customer. After all, with so many doctors practicing medicine in this country, surely I can always take my business elsewhere.

party bag

Did I miss anything? What are some of your reasons for not liking the doctor’s office? Or are you the opposite of me & actually enjoy going? I’d love to hear in the comments section below –

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