I Love Needles, But I Hate The Doctors! (Part 1)


I hate going to the doctors and I know I’m not alone. No matter if it’s for a simple check-up or a major surgery, countless people avoid going to the doctors every year. There are all sorts of reasons for not wanting to go, ranging from not liking needles to afraid of hearing bad news.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not afraid of the doctors. I know that they’re there for my health, so I have respect for their profession. I’m also not afraid of needles. Yeah, they hurt but only for a split second so that doesn’t bother me so much. I don’t have a problem being around sick people, or even using my health insurance.

I just don’t like going to the doctors, but not for the reasons you think –

  • It’s hard to find a good one – With so many physicians available it’s hard to determine which one is actually worth their salt. Sure, I can narrow down my search by getting a recommendation from a friend or looking online but that still doesn’t help me pick a doctor that is just right for me. There are too many reviews to read, websites to check out and phone calls to make just to find 1 good practitioner.


  • Finding parking & paying for it – Unless your doctor is in a rural area with several acres surrounding their office, more than likely they are in a city where it can be difficult to find parking. At one of my doctor’s there really isn’t any street parking so you are forced to park in the nearby parking garage (too bad that wasn’t listed on her website). Parking can range anywhere from $1-$10 for a visit, depending on how long the office visit is. So not only do I have to build extra time into my appointment to account for finding parking, I also have to tack onto that the price of the actual parking.

  • All the forms to fill out – This is especially annoying whenever I’m a first time patient but it’s super annoying nonetheless. Why can’t I just hand you my insurance card, my driver’s license & be done with it? Nine times outta ten, the doctor doesn’t even read my health history and the confidentiality forms are the law so I shouldn’t even have to sign those. Unless, there is someone who is chronically ill, I think the doctor is wasting a whole lot of paper printing out those forms that I leave mostly empty.
  • The long wait – Okay, if I made an appointment for a certain time, why am I not being seen at that time? I understand that people can run behind schedule but it’s never just 5-10 minutes. I’m usually sitting out in the waiting room for much longer than that. I’m out there stuck watching whatever channel the TV is stuck on, or reading some 2 month old magazine. I’ve even gotten to the point of bringing a book or a notepad with me (how else do I come up with these blogs?!) just to pass the time. The tricky thing is that doctor’s know that they plan on making people wait for a while – why else are there so many chairs in the waiting room already?

  • Intimacy – It’s a little awkward being naked around someone you don’t really know. Especially if it’s for the first time. What are they going to think of my body? Did I remember to shave my legs today? Are they going to talk about me (or any of my body parts) over dinner tonight with their family? And unlike a date, there’s not really any small talk first because you’re already naked before the doctor even comes into the room. How can I show my bare body to someone & I don’t even know their first name? It’s crazy to think that someone I found on Yelp! gets to see me naked. It’s just so hard to be at ease with someone groping all over your body and you don’t even know them.
  • What has been your experience at the doctors? Good, bad, or are you like me & hate going altogether?

2 thoughts on “I Love Needles, But I Hate The Doctors! (Part 1)

  1. Part of it for me is that docs on the most part are as clueless as we are. Same faults, foibles, etc. The white coat and authoritarian attitude are a bit offputting too.

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