Of Course I Didn’t Invite You To Hang Out….You Have Kids!

One of the problems with being friends with someone who has a kid is that they can never really hang out. There are always excuses so sometimes it gets to the point where I just stop asking them to go places with me altogether.

I understand that once you become a parent your whole world changes & your child(ren) becomes your priority. I know that friendships are placed on the back burner but they shouldn’t have to be. Even as a new parent you still need to get out every now& then (plus your kids need a break from you too!).

But if you do have children & are wondering why you are not on the top of anyone’s call list, here are the top 5 reasons why you’re probably not being asked to hang out with your friends anymore:

  1. You always say no anyway – Who likes to be rejected? If I am continually asking you to different places & you pretty much always say no, then at some point I will just give up. You’ll need to call me if you wanna go out.
  2. Going out costs you extra –Babysitting fees or calling in favors for somebody to watch your kids is just a part of being a parent. This is something that I don’t even have to worry about but it doesn’t mean that I don’t sympathize. Just know that spending a little bit of money now will be worth it later on J
  3. You are always checking your phone for “emergencies” – This is terribly annoying. How would you like it if someone starting checkin’ their phone while you were trying to have a conversation with them? It’s very rude. If you are so concerned that something is going to happen to your babies while you aren’t there, then simple – don’t leave them in the first place! So if you are going out with your friends be courteous & only check your phone if you NEED to.
  4. You can’t hang out as late as I can – Did you know the real fun doesn’t go down until after you leave? Going out from 9-11pm does not constitute a REAL “Ladies Night Out”. I get the fact that getting out of the house may take a lot on your end, but if you’re only staying out for less time than it took for you to get ready then why bother?
  5. You won’t be as much fun because you’ll be thinking about your little ones – The whole purpose of going out is to get your mind off of everything that’s going on in your life. This includes family, friends, work, etc. No one wants to hear all that! Let it loose!!

Parents, I know that you deserve to go out just as much as single people do. But please remember, if you’re going out to have fun then do exactly that – HAVE FUN (don’t worry about your kids; they’ll be fine)!

kids out

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