Are You Here To Run, Or Just Run Your Mouth?!: My Observations From The Gym

Similar to my other random gym musings, I’ve come up with a few more things that annoy me at the gym. Things like –

Women with big butts, please cover it up! – A lot of women like to show off their “assets” when they go to the gym. Maybe to catch a man’s attention or maybe because it’s more comfortable to wear tight-fitting clothing while working out. You can’t complain that men won’t leave you alone at the gym if what you’re wearing is distracting. If you have a big ole behind do us a favor & invest in a long t-shirt to cover it up. Spandex is NOT your friend!

tight clothes


No cussing at the gym! – Anyone who cusses out loud at the gym should be fined. I understand that using cuss words is second nature for some but for others the gym is their sanctuary. Who cusses in a sanctuary?!

no cussing

Children should not be allowed in the locker room – Let me rephrase, children of the opposite sex should NOT be allowed in the locker room. One day I was changing in the common area of the women’s locker room when a lady entered with her 2 “grownup” sons. Her boys were probably around t 7-8 years old (unless they were just big for their age) definitely too old to be in a women’s locker room. If your kid is old enough to be in school or tall enough to reach your shoulders then they’re old enough to wait outside while you go into the women’s locker room.


No pajama pants at the gym – Why some people (namely female) wear indoor clothing outside, is beyond me. I understand that some people go to the gym first thing in the morning but that’s no excuse for wearing the same thing to the gym that you wore to bed. Show some respect for the gym & wear tight, skimpy clothing like the rest of us!

pj pants 2

The gym is not your personal home salon – I don’t know why some women think it’s okay to administer their own facials at the gym. Plenty of women put on their Noxzema facial cream and then lounge in the steam room. How gross is that?! First of all, no one wants to have to look at someone’s facial mask while they’re relaxing in the sauna. Secondly, that’s just not sanitary – all sorts of bacteria can fester & spread in an overly-heated contained environment. Save the facials for your own bathroom, ladies!


Racing me to the machine – When the gym is crowded it can be a little tough to snag a machine but by no means is it a race! If you see me heading towards a certain machine don’t try & beat me to it. If you do that then I just may take a little longer on the machine when I get to it before you do. 🙂 Beating me to the treadmill is not a contest!

treadmill race


4 thoughts on “Are You Here To Run, Or Just Run Your Mouth?!: My Observations From The Gym

  1. Ok ok ok…covering up a big butt is easier said than done. If it’s crowded, get the checkered flags out because the race is on. Good read as a well endowed fitness enthusiast, cut the ladies some slack on that one.

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