Women Are Gross!

Okay, I’ll admit it – women are sometimes gross. We don’t always pick up after ourselves; we have “weird” bodily functions and require a lot of maintenance. Despite all of this we are still beautiful as women – flaws & all.

  • Sometimes we leave ‘used’ feminine hygiene products unwrapped – Yeah…..sorry about that! Trust us, we don’t mean to gross you out with this one but sometimes it does happen. Most women don’t empty the garbage every time we go to the bathroom, so just bear with us. You may have to look at a gross garbage can but we have to deal with the cramps & bloating that go with it!

trash can

  • We leave our undergarments hanging up in the bathroom – Every woman knows that the shower rod is the best place to hang our undergarments. It’s high off the ground, there’s plenty of space and no one is using it during most of the day. Seeing my pantyhouse hanging is probably not the first thing you want to see when you walk into the bathroom but at least you know that we are taking care of those unmentionables.

stockings hanging

  • Our hair is everywhere – Most women comb & brush their hair multiple times a day leaving hair on the bathroom floor, in the bedroom and sometimes in the kitchen sink (because that’s where some of us wash our hair). I personally don’t think a few strands of hair on the ground is gross but I guess if there’s enough of it, it could be considered a turn off

hair on the floor

  • When we floss, food particles can land on the mirror & stay there! – Whenever I floss, food has the tendency to flick from between my teeth and unto the nearest object. It is pretty gross, but at least you know I have good hygiene & no tartar buildup!


  • We leave stained panties in the laundry basket – Our soiled underwear will either be hanging up to dry (after they’ve been cleaned, of course) or hanging out of the clothes hamper. We know it’s gross but there’s not too much we can do about it. Just be aware that at least once a month, your dirty clothes will be touching my bloody ones. (Gross!)


  • There is the smell of nail polish in the air all the time – I like to change the color on my fingernails every few days. Sometimes to match my outfits, sometimes because the old polish is chipping. So no matter what day of the week it is, you will probably either smell my nail polish or my nail polish remover.

nail polish

  • Shoes. Everywhere. All the time. – It’s so easy to just kick my shoes off & let them land where they may. When coming home after a long day, one of the first things I want to do is remove my shoes and be comfortable. I may or may not put those shoes up right away but if I don’t please don’t kill me!

shoes everywhere

  • Our makeup covers most countertops – We like to spread out wherever we can. We also figure that men don’t need as much space as we do, seeing as we have so many more hair & makeup products. The counter may seem cluttered but don’t worry, all of those creams & potions are there so we can look good and smell good for you!


  • We may walk around with cold cream on our face – Deal with it. This is so that we can continue to look young & pretty for you.

cold cream

  • And yes, women fart too!


3 thoughts on “Women Are Gross!

  1. This is hilarious and very very true. I don’t do no. 1 but pretty much everything else! Hahaha. Great fun post and great pictures. You should do such things more often! 🙂

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