3 thoughts on “READERS: Question of the Day – What do you refuse to accept?

  1. Refuse to accept has a bit of baggage with it. If a thing is patently false then refusing to accept it is called being sensible. Refusing to accept what is patently true is being wilfully ignorant. I refuse to accept that dogs are not sentient. I do not refuse to accept that santa is not real. Refusing to accept a falsehood is logical. If a thing is true, accepting it is logical where not accepting is not logical. I refuse to accept the claim that god is real… until there is credible evidence that it is true.

    1. Interesting take on this question. One could argue that there is plenty of credible evidence of a higher power (of which some of us call “God”) but those that are either too illogical or too logical – depending on how you look at it – refuse to accept this.

      I think the bigger question is what is considered “evidence”? I find it baffling that a person can look at nature, animals, the complexity of the human body, etc & still not consider that to be evidence, yet another person can.

      Interesting dialogue……

      1. It is an ages old dialogue.
        Where you look around you and see a designer/god, others look at the science and see evolution at work. A scientific theory is not just guesswork. The theory of gravity, germ theory and many other scientific theories are accepted as fact by yourself and most other believers. When you find it baffling this is called the argument from ignorance, which is not an insult it simply means that you are arguing that because _you_ can’t believe it’s not the work of a god you argue it must be the work of a god. There is no case where someone has offered up irreducibly complex biological items which cannot be explained by evolution and reduced further than it is argued they can be such as the human eye or flagellum etc.

        Credible evidence does not require belief or faith, it is fact; reproducible, testable, falsifiable fact. There is not even a common definition of god. If you believe that there is I’d be most interested in hearing what it is. No matter what Christian sect you might belong to there are other religions that define god(s) differently. There are even other sects of Christianity which define the god God differently than you do.

        So far, every bit of ‘evidence’ I’ve seen or been shown is not credible. Most of it is only ‘evidence’ if you already believe in a god. For someone to claim that this universe is obviously designed and that designer must be a god I would simply ask that they describe what an un-designed universe looks like for this is the knowledge that is required to claim this universe is designed, unless you have the designer available to sign autographs.

        It’s difficult to learn all the science needed to understand evolution but that is kind of the point. If it was easy to understand we’d all be biologists etc. The credible evidence is not easy to understand and you have to learn stuff to comprehend it. That’s not a bad thing. You wouldn’t take your car to the grocery store to get it fixed, would you? No, you take it to trained professionals who understand what they are doing. Why is that? Because you don’t know how it works and can’t fix it… generally speaking. I don’t know if you are a mechanical engineer or something. Still, the point is valid. If you want to KNOW why your mechanic says the transmission needs to be replaced you would have to become a mechanic that has special knowledge of transmissions, or study it enough to know when they are telling you porkies to get the price up. Evolution is like that. None of the information needed to understand evolution can be found in any holy text. You have to read more than one book to understand the world/universe as we humans understand it today.

        If you want to believe in a higher power that is your prerogative. If you want to say that science is wrong you’ll have to prove it and that will take a lot of studying. The good part is science is generally open to being proved wrong. Most scientists would love to discover something that proves prevailing ideas wrong so they would then be famous. Is religion open to being shown to be wrong? Does it invite questions? Does it allow doubt? Science does. If you can find a better explanation than evolution there are millions of people who want to understand that explanation. They really do. All you have to do is show credible evidence that it’s not true.

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