He Was ‘Suited & Booted’!

suited and booted

I never really thought I cared about how a man dressed until I met someone who was “suited & booted”. He was very attractive not because of how his face looked but because of how much care & effort he put into his appearance.

I really prefer a man who dresses nicely because it makes me wanna look better myself. I feel like I have to keep my looks up to match his & that’s a good thing because it keeps me on my toes. If he’s this meticulous about the way he dresses then that means he’s probably just as considerate about everything else that he does.

Any man who dresses nicely means that he will represent me well no matter where we go. Anyone can dress down but if I never see how a man looks dressed up then I don’t know whether or not he can represent me properly when we are out in public. And that’s a big deal to me because it matters how he’ll look dress in front of my parents, when we’re out with my friends & it will keep me attracted to him.

Although men are known to be more visual, dressing nicely can certainly help any man get noticed. What you lack in looks can be made up for in appearance –

What Not To Wear:

Untucked shirt – Can you say lazy? How much time does it actually take to tuck in your shirt? C’mon gentlemen, get yourselves together!

untucked shirt

Scuffed up shoes – There are shoe shiners almost everywhere. At the airport, the mall or any shoe repair place. There really is NO excuse to have raggedy looking shoes. And yes, women do notice!

scuffed shoes

Have dirty nails – Gross!

dirty fingernails

Frayed belts – Belts are such an easy & inexpensive way to accessorize. If your shirt is tucked in like it should be & your belt is showing then just make sure it’s not old & tattered.

frayed belt

Wrinkled clothes – Irons were invented for a reason. Take the time to make your clothes crisp before leaving the house. This is how a grown man should dress whether at work, on a date or anywhere else.

wrinked clothes

Mismatched tie/pocket square – All the fashionistas say that the tie & pocket square should match, or at the very least they should coordinate. Women do notice little things like that.

Pocket square

A bad haircut – A bad haircut can ruin a man’s entire face. I know that accidents can sometimes happen in the barber’s chair but if your hair looks that bad, men, you should just cancel your date until your hair grows back.

bad haircut

Raggedy wallet – A good wallet can cost you a lot of money, but it is SO worth it! Please invest in the very thing that holds all of your “investments”.

old wallet

Tennis shows or shoes with laces – Men, you have got to step it up in the shoe department! If you are taking a woman out on a nice date shoes with laces should be left at home. Tennis shoes on a date are only good for men under the age of 30.

Shoes with Laces

Cheap clothing – Don’t be cheap when it comes to how you look. First impressions are everything & a real woman can tell if you what you have on is cheap – from your cologne down to your shoes.

cheap clothes

Men, anyone can throw on a shirt & shoes but can you be “suited & booted”…..?


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