Top 8 Reasons The Toilet Seat Should Stay Down!

1) “Because I said so” – It’s just that simple.

2) It’s the courteous thing to do – Men, you already know we need the seat down so unless you wanna piss us off I suggest being courteous by leaving the toilet seat down at all times.

3) It’s Free – It doesn’t cost you anything to put the toilet seat down so just do it. Free always works!

4) It’s much easier for a man to pee with the seat down than it is for a woman to pee with the seat up – This is a fact. A scientific fact.

5) It keeps us from seeing your spilled urine on the back of the seat – A yellow stained toilet seat is never what women want to see when they walk into the bathroom. It’s just plain gross!

6) It means I don’t have to touch the dirty toilet seat – Seeing the yellow pee stains on the back of the toilet seat is one thing, but touching it is another. I don’t have to touch the toilet seat after I use it, so I shouldn’t have to after he does either.

7) It makes the bathroom look better overall – We spend so much more time in there than men do so it’s good to be in a room that’s pleasant to look at while we’re getting ready in the morning.

8) That’s the way you found it – Just like anywhere else, it’s always best to leave things the way you found them. When in doubt put it DOWN!


7 thoughts on “Top 8 Reasons The Toilet Seat Should Stay Down!

  1. As I read these reasons I feel this topic seems as though it would apply to a situation in which a man and woman are married or are shacking up. What I also find interesting is that the single women I know who live alone, seem to have much more of an issue with this particular topic than married women or those who live with a man.

    As a guy, my bathroom is well kept, I don’t leave the seat or lid up (mainly because the lid cover won’t let it stay up) and I don’t think twice about someone going in there. I know some women that will constantly check the bathroom before a visitor goes in.

    It would be interesting to see if there is a follow up post that addresses, stockings or underclothes on the shower rod, visible tampons in the trash or some of the things that women do when it comes to the bathroom that guys might not care for.

    When it comes to the bathroom there are habits both genders may have that can be considered gross. I wonder if there are any fault finding women who put “he leaves the toilet seat up” on there magical list of deal breakers when it comes to a relationship.

    1. Touche! I do leave my undergarments hanging in the bathroom, but I have the good sense to remove them before anyone comes over. Hopefully most women do the same =)
      There are plenty of things that women do in the bathroom that can be considered gross, you’re absolutely right. I will write a follow up post (stay tuned!)
      It may be wishful thinking but I do hope that women don’t have the toilet seat on their list of “deal breakers” in a relationship. There are far too many other things that are much more important.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Top 8 reasons the seat should be left up. 1.) Because I respect the men in my life 2.) It’s the courteous thing to do – ladies, you know that the men need the seat up so unless you want them to piss on it I suggest being courteous by leaving the seat up at all times. 3.)) It’s free – It doesn’t cots you anything to put the seat up. Free always works! 4.) It really is much easier for a man to piss all over the seat with it down than with it up than it is for a woman to clean piss off her rear or the seat – This is a schee-ientific fact. 5.) Pee on the seat is even more gross than seeing it on the rim of the toilet. 6.) It means men don’t have to touch the dirty toilet seat that you had your arse all over. He should not have to touch it to put it up since he’s generally less likely to wash his hands after. 7.) Because ladies, only you care how the bathroom looks and really should not make your personal issues into the mans personal issues. – It’s your preference you make it happen. 8.) I’m sure if we allow the men to apply the that’s the way they found it rule to all of life they would gladly start putting the seat down. “”Honey take out the trash” – Sorry babe, cans full, that’s the way I found it. “Honey mow the lawn” – Would love to dear but the grass is high and that’s the way I found it. Bwah ha ha Seriously though, I really don’t get why in this day and age so many of us ladies still think we are too good to touch a toilet seat but the men are not. Do we really think they’re the lesser gender? 😛

    1. Nice response!
      But “scientifically” speaking women do have smaller bladders & tend to use the bathroom more often than men do. So with that being the case, why should we be inconvenienced if we are in the bathroom more frequently than they are?

      1. Depends on the woman as far as bladder size and frequency of urination. I don’t consider it an inconvenience, just a normal part of life. If we’re in there more than they are then the seat will be down most of the time anyway because we will leave it down. I don’t expect others to do things to make my life simpler. I appreciate it when they do, but I work hard not to turn something that is a nice thing for them to do, into something that is an entitlement. I have seen couples actually break up or divorce over these little “entitlements” So as funny as it is it can also be tragic.

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