Child Support Isn’t For Women Only (Anymore)

I’m sure you may have heard by now that Academy Award® winner Halle Berry has just been ordered to pay Gabriel Aubry, the father of her child (her baby daddy), an estimated $16,000 each month for child support. That’s approximately $190,000 a year for their 6-year old daughter which is a whole lot of money for such a little girl.

Although I don’t think any 6-year old child needs $16,000 a month to survive, I do think it’s completely fair that Aubry gets a percentage of Berry’s income. Halle Berry’s estimated worth is $70 million so over the next 13 years he’s only getting about 3-4% or her current worth (get it – $190,000 for the next 13 years because she’s already 6 divided by $70 million – it’s a lot of math, I know). For Halle this amount is a drop in the bucket and shouldn’t even put a dent in her bank account. Many men may be thinking that Gabriel Aubry is a lucky man but it’s not about luck, it’s about what’s fair.

I actually think this is great! I have quite an opinion on child support which I’ll write about in another post, but I think now is a good time to explore the circumstances surrounding Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry especially since Father’s Day is right around the corner.

The women’s movement has fought for decades for gender equality & here it is! We can’t expect a man to be forced to pay child support but not women. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, right?” We can’t expect women to reject their child’s father if he’s trying to take an active role in that child’s life, can we? In Halle’s case, she knew that he was a model when she met him. Most modeling careers, and by most I mean 99.99% of them, have an expiration date. So if you choose to date one then be prepared that their career will end as quickly as it started. (And don’t get me started on their career prospects after they’re done modeling)

Now there are some people who think that a grown man shouldn’t feel comfortable taking money from woman, even if she does make significantly more than he does. Men are supposed to get up & go work for what they have & not take it from a woman, right? What type of dignified grown man allows a woman to take care of him financially especially if he can take care of himself? Well, it’s not about what the man can do for himself it’s about the quality & care of the child. Remember, child support is based on the concept that the child should receive the same proportion of parental income (or lifestyle) that he or she would have received if the parents lived together. “She who makes the most, pays the most.”

I am a huge advocate of marriage before procreation but if you’re going to go the “Halle Berry route”, then have a plan. Discuss what the custodial arrangement will be in the event you break up. Agree on financial duties and holiday visitation beforehand. Halle knew she wanted a baby & was purposely trying to get pregnant. Why weren’t these particulars worked out before conceiving? Her lawyers should’ve warned her, to say the very least.

I think the lesson here is – Don’t make babies with just anyone, especially if you make more than they do.

Halle 2


3 thoughts on “Child Support Isn’t For Women Only (Anymore)

  1. If people want to go that route, what’s wrong with a sperm bank? Especially if the would be mother is wealthy? Getting a man for stud and then being surprised that he has rights is ridiculous. Get thee to a sperm bank, or as you pointed out — to a team of lawyers –first!

    1. Yes, that would work too. I’m just a firm believer that children need a mother & a father (that they can at least now of and speak to). I guess a sperm bank would defeat that purpose, but in this case that’s all Halle needed anyway

      1. I’m old school with the getting married first and two committed adults largely because it tends to avoid a quick, “Let’s have a baby together” without thinking it through or with a person with whom you either don’t know very well or who you don’t want to commit to. I’m a big believer in birth control and planning children. But if a woman really wants and chooses to have a baby on her own, then she has to realize that she can’t; it just doesn’t work that way unless there is an anonymous donor who has given up rights or an adoption situation. Otherwise, she may be on the hook to pay support, allow visitation, share in decision-making, etc. I guess if you’re not going to get married, at least talk to a lawyer first — and that goes for people without means as well. The child based laws are not exclusive to the rich. Do something first before the “Let’s have a baby.” I don’t follow Halle much, but she doesn’t strike me as a person known for making good choices in her personal life. I don’t know, though. The celebs set regular folk up for failure sometimes. We can’t do what they do. And Lawd, $16,000 for one child? So far removed from folks in real life.

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