I Am Above Average

I’m a tall woman. I’m 5’9”, so I’m not freakishly tall, but I am taller than the average woman. The average woman is 5 ft. 3 inches tall and the average man is 5 ft. 9 inches tall. When I wear heels, which is quite often, I am automatically taller than the average man. I can’t speak to how men feel about this, but I for one don’t like to be taller than the person I’m dating and I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

I wish there were a lot more men in this world that were taller; plenty of tall men to choose from so that I don’t feel so bad wearing heels every time I go out.  I read that only about 15% of men are 6 feet or taller. Fifteen percent is not very many, ya’ll. And only 4% of these men are over 6’2” or taller (which is my basically my height with heels on). For us tall women, this statistic is pretty sad.

Let me define the word “short”. For me, a short man is anyone shorter than me. LOL! If you’re not average (remember that’s means 5’9” for a man), then you are below average – meaning you’re short. And what do I really think of short men? Well, I can’t really hold it against them since it’s not their fault BUT I would like to think that they have other redeeming qualities. If I’m going to be looking down at a man, he should at least make me laugh, be loads of fun or incredibly interesting!

Now obviously we can’t help our height. If it were possible, I’m sure all the tall people would want to be shorter & the short people would want to be taller. Unfortunately, that’ll never happen.  So what do you do if you’re a tall woman? It’s so hard to find an attractive, quality man who has some height on him. But I do think that Michelle Obama is a great example of how to manage your height when you’re dealing with a man who’s not too much taller than you are. Fortunately, at 5’11” she was able to meet a man that was over 6 feet. But if you notice Mrs. Obama usually wears flats or 1-2 inch pumps (I can’t even call them heels) all the time. While I wouldn’t necessarily do that all the time I do my best to let the man look like “the man”. In other words, I try my best not to hold my height over him (no pun intended).

Now some of you (shorter) men may be wondering why women obsess over tall men. Well, taller men are just sexier; more masculine. Taller men are more powerful and attractive. They are usually more dominant and assertive and exude more confidence, seem to care more about their appearance and appear more driven. Maybe they do this because they know that more women are into them but they really do carry themselves differently. Height affects how individuals regard themselves (self-esteem) and how individuals are regarded by others (social-esteem). Social & self-esteem affect individuals’ job performance and how supervisors evaluate job performance, which in turn affects career success. Not to mention there are actual benefits to being taller than average. Taller people not only hold jobs of higher status (for instance, sales managers are taller than salespeople), they also earn more money. In fact, a classic study in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that people make $789 more per year for each inch above average height they are. So why wouldn’t a woman want a tall man?

Where am I with the whole height-thing now? Well, I stopped caring how short the men I date are & wear heels regardless of who I’m with. If they have a problem with it, oh well. My goal is to look good when I’m out with a man even if that means towering over him. Plus, any man that asks me out already knows how tall I am so I guess he doesn’t mind anyway if I’m taller than him. When I’m with a man who is taller than me I feel smaller (shorter), protected (which is how a man is supposed to make a woman feel), and also more “feminine”. Sure, I value other good qualities in a man but a man with some height certainly has favor over one who doesn’t.

So, is dating a short man a deal breaker for me? Eh….it’s hard to say. For me, if you are short you should either be extra attractive, have a nice body or be financially secure. Otherwise, I will continue to wear my heels until my 6’2” Prince Charming comes along.

At the end of the day, men want looks & women want height. What’s so wrong with that?


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5 thoughts on “I Am Above Average

  1. I am the shortest member of my sibling group at 5.5. I have sisters who are 6′ and brothers who are 6.4. It was always annoying to me. I have always been grateful to have other assets to balance me out (I am the smartest of my siblings by far). Most men are taller than me, even in heels which I usually wear.

    My eldest son is 5.11 his wife is 6′ and she usually wears heels. It doesn’t bother either of them. He thinks she is the most beautiful woman walking the face of the earth. She thinks he is the handsomest man walking the face of the earth. I think the are simply besotted with each other because they are perfectly matched in so many other ways (heart, soul, personality, mind).

    When the right person comes along, they make your heart sing usually an inch or even two won’t matter.

    1. Well, I certainly don’t mind an inch or 2 difference in height but it’s still hard to meet a tall man with MOST of the other qualities I’m looking for.

      I’m glad your daughter-in-law found your son. That gives me hope =)

  2. Only once did I date a girl who was taller than me by maybe an inch. But I wore cowboy boots, and she always made a point to wear flats, which evened us out, and which I thought was very considerate of her. I couldn’t date taller women.

    1. Yeah, it’s hard for most men. I’ve met a few guys who don’t mind – they kind of like that whole “Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman” look , but for the most part I need at least a 6 footer.

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