Do I Pass The “Pretty Feet” Test?

This weekend I went to a wedding and at the reception the discussion at my table turned to women’s feet. Everyone at the table started talking about how important it was that women maintain pretty feet because men (even those without foot fetishes) like to look at a woman’s feet.

My question to the men at the table was this – “What is so important about women’s feet? Why do men care how pretty or how well-kept they are?” This sparked a lot of conversation (I tend to do that sometimes) about how important it is for women, as well as men to keep their appearance up. That’s all well & good but why the feet? I mean of all the body parts to focus on, why on earth are the feet so important to men (especially if you aren’t planning on rubbing them)?

Well the response I got was that because men are visual they like to look at a woman’s total package which includes her feet, of course. Men want to appreciate a woman’s beauty from head to toe but if her feet are ugly or unkempt then it can be a big turn off. No man wants to see bunions, callouses or corns on the feet of an otherwise attractive woman. I can understand that because I might be turned off if I saw a good looking man with an ugly scar somewhere on his body.

But I still don’t see the big deal about what my feet should look like. I mean a man really shouldn’t be looking down at them anyway when he’s talking to me, he should be looking me in the eyes. Outside of staring down at my feet when talking to me, I just don’t think it’s fair for a man to judge me based on the status of how I maintain my feet. Anyone who has gotten a corn on their toes knows that those things do not go away!

Corns stay with you for life! Contrary to what anyone says, there isn’t a Dr. Scholl’s product out there that will remove all traces of corns on your feet. A woman (or man for that matter) can develop corns on their feet from wearing ill-fitting shoes. So if a young woman wears cute shoes all the time that don’t quite fit properly (think of those club days from your youth), she could possibly develop corns that will last her the rest of her life. Now, why should that woman’s feet be held accountable for something she did when she was younger? Not to mention, getting rid of callouses is a lot of work & removing bunions sometimes takes surgery. That’s a whole lot of maintenance & expense just for a pair of feet!

Men, all I have to say is that if you want me to keep my feet looking “pretty” for you then you should make sure that your feet look “pretty” for me.


42 thoughts on “Do I Pass The “Pretty Feet” Test?

  1. people are born with what we have. we have no control if they are pretty and sexy or ugly. if your a woman and have pretty toes and a high arch to start with you can polish your toes and make what you have more attractive . count yourself lucky. wearing sexy strappy heels makes the look better as many women do/ the women polish thheir toes and wear heels is for the men as they know lots of men myself included will look,

  2. You say people shouldn’t judge you by the apparence of your feet, that people should be looking in your eyes (so judging nothing at all), and that you should not be held accountable of the consequences of your past bad habit which you personally chose to have even tho you were aware of the consequences. Yet you judge men on things like scars, like really? Something that he didn’t choose to have, something that happened by accident and not even a fruit of a bad habit. That you are not visual but yet but yet you judge him on sth as innocent as a scar even if he was hot (which means you checked everything and didn’t just “look” into his eyes). Don’t you sense a bit of selfishness in that? You don’t want men to judge your appearance, not the scars, the feet, your beauty, weight, and overall attractiveness, yet you judge men all the same and even more. I bet you would’ve judged him if he had ugly feet too. If you want to judge, you should accept to be judged too. If you’re visual you should know they’re visual too, if you judge intelligence you should be intelligent too, if you judge personality you should havethe right one too, people expect sth for what they put on the table, so if you want a man who takes care of his physical apparence he is right to expect you to do it also.
    Btw you don’t pass the pretty feet test for me. But that’s just my personal taste. They seems like they’re going to be alright for most men.

  3. This might be totally shallow for some people. However, you did mention. Why should a woman be punished for what she did in her youth years. I.E. being out partying in high heels and paid the price for trying to be cute later on, have corns and what have you. I’m in belief (me,myself, and I) that, when you are giving a man your body or vice versa. You want as close to perfection as you can get. Never would I sleep with a woman if I had a hairy chest or gross hairy legs. I’d keep myself appearance up. Unless, we talked about what some of the fetishes are you that you prefer. I say that to say this. If a woman where to step to me with corns are her feet. I feel like she was in the club in her youth years getting used and abused. I know that sounds absurd and shallow. It also just might be where and how I grew up. I mean abused and used in a sexual way. I would think you were just out at the club trying to look good to get any Tom, Dick, and Hairy. An yes, you as a woman have every right to explore yourself, have fun, be as wild as you can be. But, when your totally done with all that wild stuff and wanna settle down at the end of your night life clubbing career. Please don’t step to me with some guys name tatted on your lower back, 4 kids from 3 different baby daddy’s, a fupa (fat upper p*ssy area) and to top it off corns on your feet! I know everyone leads to different paths in life and not all of our past determines our future. You might be a great person. You might just have corns and no baggage. However, If I loved you from day one before you had the corns and you were partying with me and I seen you develop those corns. Damn right I’m going to love you for you because I grew old with you in a way. When you come to me with corns. In my mind you were trying to be cute for someone else and I don’t want some left overs. At least take care of yourself so It doesn’t leave me wondering about your past. Not that the past should matter but, It’s not going to be an amazing ride if you been to Japan before and I surprise you with a trip down there and you’ve been there before. There’s no spark because you’ve enjoyed those moments with someone else. I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings or sound like a d*ck.

    1. I abide by this as well. Of course I want a good woman and not someone who has been sleeping around her whole young life just to live life to the wildest or whatever. Things are best when you treat them like they’re rare and definitely would feel special when you save it up for the right moment in your life. I highly appreciate the girls who preserve themselves.

  4. Why are so many totally dismissive of a man’s desire for a lady with pretty feet. Let me first say that pretty feet for a man is not a singular desire and not a foot fetish for most, but it can be a deal breaker. What’s wrong with that? It’s analogous to a recipe that has various ingredients, but a number of them – any one of them alone (if omitted) will doom the recipe. So that said, I totally want a woman with pretty feet. I am a total romantic, affectionate and love to explore my lady from head to toe. I sometime discover areas that make her feel good or just relaxes her. Sometimes it can be as simple as a delicate caress, or stroke in the right way, the way you hold them in a magnetic embrace, the way you lay one the sofa together, a simple out-of-the-blue kiss on her hand, the way you hold their hand, a strategic nibble, and on and on and …. Now, when you add pretty feet to the mix of attributes for me, it adds to that intangible fuel called femininity. It makes me think she takes care of herself from head to toe and that makes her exponentially more irresistible. (smile) Pretty feet are so sexy and adds to the eroticism. For me (and many men), pretty feet is a turn-on, but so many women want to ignore it. Ignoring it doesn’t make it untrue. Men just hide their desires.
    Question I have is why is it unfair for a man to like pretty feet (among other attributes and physical features), but it’s okay for a woman to say they MUST have a ‘tall man”, or have a man with hair, or a certain body, or other desires that are okay for a woman to want and not compromise on. Likewise, when I hear ‘ewwww’ or ‘gross’, etc, I wonder how many of those ladies say that when you think about a man performing oral sex on a lady (or vice-versa)? For me, I like a woman with pretty feet, but they must be clean. I’m not into smelly feet. I like the same, solid color (e.g. red, etc.) on all the toes. I don’t mind a different color on the hands, but my preference is a solid color (e.g. orange, etc.) When I see more than one color on the toes or hands, I immediately think of a clown and it’s unattractive to me (just me speaking here). Yes, I do enjoy kissing my lady’s feet and sucking her toes, but not just that. I mention that specifically, because this article is on this subject.
    Believe or not, your feet can be a topic he hesitates to mention, but I promise it doesn’t go unnoticed by most men.
    I know a lot of women refuse to acknowledge huge appeal of pretty feet to many men, and think it doesn’t matter to men, but I guarantee that for many men, it matters. However, it’s treated as taboo, so most men won’t mention it unless you make the gesture to discuss it.
    For those women who don’t believe the appeal of feet, try this. At work, or when shopping, or out and about, or at home, or wherever — get a pedicure with your toes painted, then randomly ask a guy if he likes the sandals and/or color on your toes. Tell him to take a long look as he decides. You will have his undivided attention. Or simply ask a guy at work (away from others) if you can ask him (anytime) his opinion on your shoes or colors on your toes? Tell him to look closely and I promise you’ll rarely get a ‘no’ — at least from straight men. Or come home, ensure your feet are clean and ask for a foot massage. It adds a little spice to any relationship. It’s not that most men only want nice or pretty feet, or are fixated on this part of your body it’s simply part of the preferences they like. It compliments (rather dominate) the things a man likes about a woman, meaning rarely will a man have a relationship with a woman solely because of her feet. Think about it. It’s no different than a woman who says I want a tall (vs. short) man, with hair (not bald), husky vs. thin, and on and on and on… Most of us (men and women) want a pkg deal, but not perfection, because we know what we like and want.

    Now on the subject of men and their feet. I agree with you that men should take their of their feet. As you and other ladies in this article suggest for men – a number of years ago, I had a lady friend tell me men should get pedicures because women don’t want a man with rusty, crusty feet anymore than a man does on a woman. I started getting pedicures and wearing sandals . I love wearing sandals and do as often as I can. I had a lady who works at a salon tell me I have the nicest feet of any man she has ever seen. I see quite a number of ladies who look at my feet and I get a number of compliments on my sandals and feet. I’ve been told my feet are nicer than many women. I keep them nice and pedicured. I’ve also had 2 ladies who loved my feet and like to kiss on them and suck on my toes. It is an awesomely wonderful feeling and incredibly good. I love giving and receiving when it comes to pretty feet. You ladies don’t know what you’re missing by not encouraging a guy to kiss your feet and suck on your toes. It’s a win-win. You also get countless and terrific foot massages too! I could also give you other ideas.
    I stumbled on to this article and notice your other ones; and appreciate the intellectual, sane discussions. (smile)

  5. I suppose you do. Red toenails would look better on your feet though. Remember, get regular pedicures and always have your toenails painted!

  6. Your feet are ok – except for the fact that the nails are too long. Only Asian prostitutes have toenails that long. Sorry, but it is true. I get easily grossed out by bad feet. My thoughts on the subject are this: If you have unkeep feet – fine – don’t wear sandals or open shoes. Cover them up. I am a hairy guy – chest and back and to be honest it grosses me out. So what do I do? I keep a t-shirt on at the beach or pool, so I don’t gross out other people. If I want to take my shirt off, I would get rid of most of the hair.

  7. I get grossed out by ugly feet. My husband has hidious feet, but he loves mine. I figure that at least, Plus, i was born with nice feet and i dont wear shoes that will mis-shapen them. I as a woman, need to have that part on my body maintained as a significant part of my femininity. I prefer for him to wear socks, Lol! Still love him though.

  8. I get grossed out by ugly feet. My husband has hidious feet, but he loves mine. I figure that at least, I as a woman, need to have that part on my body maintained as a significant part of my femininity. I prefer for him to wear socks, Lol! Still love him though.

  9. I’ve got big, weird feet. So judge me all you want about me feet, yet still, if you’re gonna judge me or anyone for their feet, you’ve just passed up a great person, and you will not be missed.

  10. Why would someone’s scar be ugly and a turn off? I have a scar about 12 inches long from a surgery I got and I’m sorry to sound rude and off topic but that seems rather mean to say. from someone who had to go through surgeries at a young age and feeling self conscious about wearing certain clothes to hide my scar this was rather upsetting to read😕

    1. Have you ever seen a picture of the singer Seal? The scar on his face is not attractive AT ALL, so depending on where it’s placed & what the scar looks like it may be a turn off (to the average person). He was able to find a supermodel to marry him, at least for a short while but to most people, Seal is not a good looking man.

      All scars aren’t ugly, but some can be considered a turn-off.

  11. As a man I always take good care of my feet. because the appearance of my feet reflects my personality as well. And as a matter of fact I expect the same from any girl that I suppose to date. I do not have foot fetish at all but I really admire girls who are creative about their nail polish color, pattern etc. ad try to keep soles of their feet clean and smooth. I do not think any man would be pleased to see dirty, cracked or tick bare heels of a woman. No way!

  12. Of course men love pretty feet! And they should! You feet should always be perfect.. Feet can tell a man instantly how well a woman takes care of herself…Men are visual, and looks do matter to men.. They are wired to be that way, and it’s a good thing!!

  13. Is the pretty feet test all about just maintaining the cleanliness of a woman’s feet? but what if that woman’s feet is pretty weird? do they look at it’s full appearance? I might have a clean feet, you go to a salon..foot spa..pedicure and all..but what if physically your feet is really different than the others? you can’t even change the shape of your toes/feet than you’re born with.. and guys judging you based on your feet is pretty sad.. Well, It’s because I have a sort of unique kind of feet and I wear slippers sometimes and it bothers me/ annoys me when they look at your face then keep on glancing at your feet. I feel it and I just pretend and don’t look at them but it makes me loose my confidence. </3 haaah..I don't even look at their feet. Life's unfair 😦

    1. I think pretty feet is about how they are maintained and how they look overall. Some men don’t even like it when the second toe is longer than the big toe. Geesh! It’s not like anyone can help what their feet look like, right?!

      Yes, life is very unfair but at least you are aware of it. Men shouldn’t look at you any differently just because your feet are “unique”. If they do, then something is wrong with them =(

      1. I personally love when a girl second toe is longer that the big toe and i am not alone. search over the net and you will find plenty of guys who love long toes and especially longer second toe!

      2. It is crazy all my life you can have a women naked and I will look at there feet don’t know why lol

  14. I’m not that much of a online reader to be
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  15. Indeed men are visual. Interesting note about feet. I once had someone remark to me in the elevator that they liked my cute small feet. I was totally weirded out by the exchange. lol.

  16. As a man I I find women’s feet important. In my younger dating days, I wouldn’t continue seeing any girl who neglected their feet. That meant at a minimum pedicures, painted toes (preferably red if winter, and lighter pinkish colors other times). Is it fair? No. But it’s also not fair that a lot if women prefer dating only tall men.

    And on a first date with my wife of 14 years I asked her to slip off her shoes. Her feet are gorgeous and well maintained. If they were ugly and not pampered, we may not have married. Shallow, perhaps…C’est la vie.

    Women who neglect their feet send a message to certain men.

    I take care of my nails too at my wife’s request. What’s good for the goose….

    1. Thank you for responding, but what’s the appeal? Unless a man is going to eat off of my feet, I don’t see why such a high value is placed on how I value my toenails versus how well I treat him.

      (And for the record, my feet are bunion & corn free!)

  17. Men have a fascination with a woman’s entire body..From head to feet! It is what it IS..And they do judge a woman by her feet..Its always been that way..Summer time & open -toed shoes is my fave time of year..A man’s eyes go first from my face to my butt to my legs to my feet..Not always in that order..Thankfully I was never into bad fitting shoes..My shoe fetish just won’t allow me to hurt my own feet..Yep, my vanity has a limit! Men’s foot fetish is about as fair as the many that women have about men..I can’t stand dirt under a man’s fingernails..Ugh! Just the thought of it is a turn off..

    1. It’s great to hear a woman understand that it’s fair for a man to prefer women with pretty feet. It’s not malicious — just what we like. It has various benefits for the lady too!

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