I Wish I Could Shower With My Clothes On

I know a lot people who say they feel free when they don’t have on any clothes. I, on the other hand, am quite the opposite. I prefer to be clothed at all times. Remember the Garden of Eden when Adam & Eve walked around without any clothing and felt no shame until they ate from the Tree of Life? Well, I feel more like Eve after she ate the fruit from the Tree of Life – self-conscious & guilty. Although we all came into this world naked, I still don’t feel right unless I have something covering up my body.

People who live alone say it makes them feel good to not be covered up when they’re at home and will walk around all the time in the buff. But is it really all that freeing? And what exactly are you being freed from? If your clothes are that restrictive, maybe you should consider buying a larger size (lol).

What exactly is the point of being naked anyway? You have to wipe down wherever you sit (before & after sitting there), you can’t “accidentally” scrape up against sharp objects in your home, hot or cold food can spill all over you and who wants a higher heating bill in the wintertime just because you don’t want to wear a robe?

I also feel like when you are naked you are subject to scrutiny even if it’s coming from yourself. You’re just putting yourself in a position to over-analyze your bodily flaws. It’s like looking at the junk drawer in the kitchen that you keep saying you’re going to organize. It’s not perfect (like our bodies) but as long as the drawer is open you’ll feel like you need to clean it out (like walking around naked). Just close that drawer already!

See, I already know what I look like naked so I don’t need a constant reminder every time I walk by a mirror.  You’re probably thinking there must be something wrong with my body since I’m anti-nudity. Well, there’s nothing really wrong with it “per se”. Sure, I have a few scars from when I was younger & fell off my bike and sometimes my legs go unshaved (okay, a lot of times) but I don’t have any weird bodily deformities or anything, I just don’t like being naked. Plus, when I’m at home I leave my curtains open because I prefer natural light & I don’t need my neighbors getting a peak at my “goods” and start mysteriously avoiding me forever.

Personally, I feel like people look better in clothing. The right clothing can accentuate your body and make you look better than you ever could naked. Wouldn’t you get tired of seeing the same person naked over & over? I know I would. Even seeing a nice body again & again will get old after a while. Besides, I like a little mystery – who gives away the answers to a magic trick? Nobody, that’s who. I prefer a man who might be a little “revealing” without giving me the “big reveal”.

It may seem weird because I am almost never naked but if it were up to me, I would shower with my clothes on.





4 thoughts on “I Wish I Could Shower With My Clothes On

  1. So many thoughts come to mind here. One is a reference to Tobias as the “Never nude” in Arrested Development, but if you’ve never watched the show then it’s nearly impossible to place into context. Two is your hilarious use of double entendre when describing the neighbors.
    Three is that, I like to be nearly naked around my house. Not necessarily in the middle of winter but I’m usually most comfortable when wearing nothing but boxer briefs. I’ve always believed that (one of) the best feeling(s) in the world comes with putting socks on in the morning and taking them off when I get home after work.
    I find bodies to be beautiful, flaws and all. Looking at the same body over and over, if you really pay attention to it, is like looking at a Basquiat or a Renoir, or listening to Debussy’s Pelleas et Melisande (ok, perhaps I’m getting a little esoteric here). There’s always something new to focus on each time you see it, and even when the day comes that you’ve taken it all in, there’s a comfort in the familiarity and the openness that one should never take for granted.

    But with that being said, I’ve already mentioned that I’m rarely entirely nude, because it’d be weird to walk around with my junk out. So maybe you’re right.

    1. Okay,
      1) I enjoyed your references. And yes – “I get it”
      2) Great vocabulary
      3) I’m not a fan of seeing men naked (definitely no women, please!) because I feel like once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. I know, I know, everyone’s body is “different”, but they’re not really all that different. Unless he’s built, there’s really not much to look at in my opinion. We are God’s creation & we are all beautiful in our own right, but I just don’t need to see it all that often. I enjoy looking at art & listening to music, but I don’t want to see/listen to the same thing everyday.
      4) Thanks, as always, for your comments! I like to keep things random & appreciate it when people take the time to respond

  2. I don’t get the walking around naked thing. I couldn’t most of the time because of the kids, but even when I’m alone, no. I also like my windows uncovered, plus I get really cold. Sure, it’s nice to be able to walk from the bathroom to the bedroom without having to dress, but I still use a towel, because, Brrrr. Now less restrictive clothing, that’s a good thing. Adults are just like babies. We like to be swaddled. So even if I was naked, I’d feel most comfortable swaddled in a blanket, just like a baby. Plus, Brrrr.

    But even in Summer, cotton clothing feels good, cooling, and sometimes you need something on to soak up the sweat!

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