There Are Only Three More Weekends Left In the Year. Use Them Wisely

The first weekend of December just passed, which means that the final month of the year is officially here. With only one more month left, now is a good time to ask yourself: Are you making the most of 2013?

Here are a few last minute (or last-month, I should say) things you should take into consideration before the year ends:

1)      Christmas shopping – The best Christmas deals are going on right now. Whether at the store or online, prepare to depart with some serious cash before the year ends!

2)      Grocery shopping – With friends & family coming in from out of town, the kitchen needs to be fully stocked. Just don’t wait until December 24th to hit the grocery store because we all know how crowded it will be

3)      Make New Year’s plans – It’s time to think about how you want to ring in the new year. If you’re planning on going out of town, now is the time to search for those last minute flights. Or if you are looking to purchase tickets to a New Year’s celebration, now is the time.  The countdown to New Year’s officially begins after Christmas

4)      Gather your belongings for Goodwill – If you’re like me, you probably need all the tax write offs you can get. So get all of your old clothes, knick knacks, etc. and donate them to the Salvation Army or your local Goodwill.  Let someone else enjoy your old stuff in the new year

5)      Get your taxes ready – Ah, yes. Tax season is right around the corner. If you’re cleaning house, be sure to set aside all important receipts and other legal paperwork for next year’s taxes

So, enjoy the remainder of your 2013 and expect more in 2-0-1-4!!


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