If All Men Are Dogs, Which Breed Should I Get?

We’ve all heard the expression before “All men are dogs”. But can this really be the case? Can a man’s traits really be compared to the traits of a dog? Let’s see if that’s true–

  • Maltese – These little dogs are known as spirited, lively and playful. A maltese-like man would be nice to have around as long as he thinks he’s running the show even if he gets a little annoying at times
  • Golden Retriever – These dogs are lovable, well-mannered, intelligent dogs with great charm. They are easily trained and always patient and gentle. They are very devoted and are a popular family dog. A man that’s like a golden retriever would have to be loyal, loving and very low  maintenance
  • Rottweiler – These ferocious dogs are good as guard dogs but they are not attractive. A man who is like a Rottweiler would be very protective but not so easy on the eyes (or much of a gentleman, for that matter)
  • Poodle – These fluffy dogs are for just show. A man who is like a poodle would be good looking but not too smart and probably won’t have much to contribute to the conversation
  • Chihuahua – All bark & no bite, chihuahuas are brave and pretty strong-willed. A man who is like a Chihuahua would be extremely lively but stubborn with a slight Napoleon complex
  • Dalmatian – Very loyal, these spotted dogs are very playful and easy going. A man who is like a dalmatian won’t do much without being told what to do and requires constant acknowledgement & praise
  • Pugs – These little friends have happy-go-lucky attitudes. They are quite rambunctious, but don’t require as much attention from you. A man who reminds me of a pug probably doesn’t talk a lot and won’t want to settle down

So which breed is better? If a man can be compared to a dog, what kind of man should I pick? I have friends that have had all types of men but I haven’t heard that any particular “breed” is better than another. I wish I could “breed” my own my kind of man. At the end of the day you can take a dog in, feed it, take care of it, love it, even train it but it’s still a DOG and can turn on you at any time.

So, what do you think?

dog 3

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