My Gut Overfloweth – Further Observations From The Gym

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my time at the gym. So this week I thought I’d share some more observations for your reading pleasure –

  • I can’t go to a gym class where the instructor is overweight – If she tells the class to run in place, she’ll just stand there and watch. If she tells us to do 20 crunches, she won’t do any. If she tells us to do jumping jacks, she’ll jump down to tie her shoe. I mean really, all gym instructors must look the part. I don’t want someone leading the class who looks like me. I want someone leading the class who looks better than me!
  • Why do gyms always have such small parking lots? –In a perfect world everybody would walk or jog to the gym but it’s like they forgot that the people who work out need to have a place to park their car. I understand that membership at a gym fluctuates from month to month so you never know exactly how many people will be there at any given time but once the parking lot is full, they should stop accepting new members
  • I hate the loud music that the gym has playing – Why do they blast the music so loud that I can’t hear the songs playing from my own iPod? Everyone walks around with headphones so obviously people want to listen to their own music. We don’t want to hear the gym’s playlist; we want to hear our own. Isn’t it called an iPod, not a gymPod?
  • Why am I forced to bring my own towels to the gym? – I hate that my gym charges me to use their towels. I get that washing & drying isn’t free but unless you want my sweat dripping everywhere, I suggest you let me borrow a towel for free while I work out
  • Why bother coming to the gym and not even really try to exercise? – Some people put enough weight on the machines that only a 12 year old could lift. What’s the point? A lot of    people go to the gym just to say they went to the gym. If you’re gonna go through the trouble to dress & drive to the gym you should at least break a sweat once you get there

Gym teacher 1

4 thoughts on “My Gut Overfloweth – Further Observations From The Gym

  1. I will only say one thing about your last comment. Some of us go to the gym as we are recovering from injuries, our workouts are very different and intended to help us recover. They may not appear we are ‘working out’, however for those of us who have suffered terrible, even life threatening injuries, even getting to the gym is fairly tough. Physical therapy is hard and we often are already contending with body image issues, self-judgment issues and the judgement of others. All to often, our injuries are not obvious and we would prefer to keep them that way, but that is why our workouts look different.

  2. Girl, you are not only an insightful writer, you are down right funny! There is a work-out gym right next to the liquor store I patronize. When I walk by the full-walled window of people on treadmills, I hide my sack like a wino walking through an AA meeting. No, my wife decided to cut down on the cost of a gym and buy a tread mill that does everything but give sexual satisfaction…It is one of the best clothes hangers we have in the house.

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