Dating Mr. Right Now While Waiting For Mr. Right – Am I Really Wasting His Time?

Waiting for Mr. Right is a dilemma that all single women face. Do you go out with a guy that asks you out just because you don’t have any other plans for the weekend or do you say no because you know you’re not really interested? While the answer may seem like a simple yes or no, it’s not always that easy.

Going out just to get a free dinner was something that a lot of women do when they’re younger (I admit I’m guilty of having done that before) and it was seemingly okay then. But once I became an adult I grew a bit more discerning with whom I go out with. In my 20’s I would casually date which meant having fun, meeting new men and not worrying about marriage in the immediate future. Now that I’m in my 30’s dating has turned into something more meaningful. Although I still enjoy casual dating, I have to be more discriminating with the men I bring into my life. Up front I’ll ask what their intentions are & am not afraid to move on if the relationship is not a good fit for me.

But, what do you do when you haven’t met anyone worth dating? Do you just give up? Of course not! Do you just stay at home, lonely & sad? I hope not! Or do you date guys that you’re not interested in while you wait for the guy you really are interested in to come along? This is a predicament that many women find them in because some of us feel like it’s better to be courted by the wrong person, then to not be courted at all.

Of course it is wrong to lead a guy on. But what other options are there? We don’t want to sit at home Saturday night after Saturday night and our girlfriends can only bring us so much companionship. We could hang out with our male friends but we enjoy the adoration that comes from dating men, not hanging out with them. It’s kind of like when men decide that they want to have sex. They don’t call a female friend to hang out because they know she won’t be able to fulfill that need. Instead, they will call a woman he knows he can sleep with (or at least has a good chance with). Even if he’s not interested in her that doesn’t stop him from calling her. It’s the same thing with a woman – even though I can take myself out to dinner, or hang out with a male buddy of mine it’s not the same as going out on a date even if I know I’m not interested in that man.

Is this fair to men? Maybe, maybe not. Is it right for women to do this? Maybe, maybe not. But come next Saturday night, I don’t think any woman should have to be alone.

mr right 4

4 thoughts on “Dating Mr. Right Now While Waiting For Mr. Right – Am I Really Wasting His Time?

  1. Interesting piece of work. I think ultimately it comes down to the fear or being alone. Women need to learn and realize that they may never find mr right and end up alone.. And that’s OK. Scary as it may be, it is not the end of the world.

    1. But IT IS the end of the world!

      Nah, I know it isn’t but that’s a tough pill to swallow. Especially when you have the desire to be with someone, which is completely natural for us. Ah, well….

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